[Audio] Meek Mill – “Wanna Know” Featuring Quentin Miller [Prod. By Jahlil Beats & Swizz Beatz]


Meek Mill has finally responded to Drake’s two diss tracks “Back To Back” and “Charged Up”. His attempt is bold, cutthroat, and violent however the three do not add up to a sufficient response. His recordings of Quentin Miller demos featured in the track are tasteless cheap shots. If you haven’t noticed ghostwriting is alive and well in Hip Hop.

With the intense pressure to constantly improve along with the bar ever rising and the competition becoming more and more fierce, it is completely natural to assemble a team of writers to collaborate. I find Meek’s issue with Drake, is petty and unnecessary. In my opinion, the battle was over even before Meek stepped into the booth. The entire hip hop nation has seemed to have sided with the 6 God and if you compared the tracks, Drakes performance and lyrical content are far more superior to Meeks. Commend his efforts but right now you can’t touch the 6 God. Also, Milli Vanilli was exposed on their LIP SYNCING FRAUD not ghost writing. Know Yourself.

This is just my opinion, if you disagree or agree, feel free in the comment section below.

[Feature] Special Guest Predictions for OVO Fest 2015


Update: Drake has confirmed that Norm Kelly, the legendary Toronto city councillor will be making an appearance at the show.

The most highly anticipated concert of the summer,  the 6ixth annual OVO Fest returns to the Molson Amphitheatre on August 2nd and 3rd 2015. Each year, tickets for the event sell out within minutes of hitting the web. People travel thousands of miles just to see the boy. Drake has brought out some big names as surprise performers over the last few OVO fests. From G-Unit to Kanye West it seems like no one is off limits. With past years surprise lineups already featuring some of the biggest celebrities, we can only imagine what this year’s OVO Fest will bring Toronto. We present to you, The Come Up Show’s predictions for OVO Fest 2015.

[Audio] Roy Wood$ – “Drama” Feat. Drake & “Get You Good”


Of all the buzz and talent coming out of Brampton right now, Roy Woods is easily on top. Recently signed to OVO, Woods has released two songs “Get You Good” and “Drama” featuring Drake. The two tracks have been well received and is now beginning to build an international fan base for the Brampton singer. Whether the OVO effect is true or not. Roy Woods is undoubtedly talented.

His innovative Michael Jackson flow, infectious choruses, and relatable lyricism, have all been Roy’s own creation. His artist development has only begun at OVO and from what is on these singles proves Roy has the high ceiling and an opportunity to reach superstardom. Quickly capitalizing on the worldwide attention OVO has been receiving as of late, Roy Woods is set to release his debut EP Exis July 31st.

No information on a track list or who may guest feature has been released, however it is safe to say it will be a consistent debut and possibly the successful start to OVO’s talent recruitment in Toronto.

[Audio] Drake- “Back to Back” (Meek Mill Diss)

“I waited four days, ni**a, where y’all at?”
– Drake – Back to Back

You heard right. Drake is back with another diss towards fellow rapper Meek Mill after dropping “Charged Up” just yesterday. Todays diss is alot more sharp than his last release, with almost every bar aimed directly at the Philly bred rapper. For those who haven’t heard yet, the beef has stemmed from Meek publicly accusing Drake of using a ghost writer under the name of Quentin Miller. It’s not clear if there is any truth behind the allegations, but Drake is surely showing that he’s not standing for it.

“Damn, tell that man to ease up,
I did another one, I did another one,
You still ain’t did shit about the other one”

The cover art Drake has chosen shows Toronto Blue Jay Joe Carter during game 6 of the October 1993 World Series. The Jays were down 6-5, when Carter hits a three-run homer to let Toronto win its second consecutive World Series. The losing team was the Philadelphia Phillies (ouch), allowing Carter to become a legend among locals. How long does Meek have before his chance to strike back fiddles away? What does Meek have to bring to the table to top this? Is a career going to be silenced by the end of this? Let us know who you think is going to come out on top in the comments.

[Video] Locksmith- “Funk Volume DFUOB7 Promo”


Hit the picture to check out what Locksmith has done for us.

Funk Volume, the record label consisting of HopsinDizzy WrightSwizZzJarren Benton, and DJ Hoppa have just hit the green light on their “Don’t Funk Up Our Beats 7” contest, where artists can purchase a beat, and lay down a 2 minute or less track to be voted on, and judged. First place wins $2500, a feature on HipHopDX.com, and the opening slot on 2-4 dates on the upcoming “Funk Volume 2015 Tour”.

Locksmith has jumped in on this for promotional reasons, thus this is not an entry in the contest. However, this doesn’t take anything away from the pure talent that Lock is laying down on this beat. Not many artists can successfully keep the listeners attention without any form of a hook or a chorus, espeically with the lyrical content and confidence that Lock is known for. (See “10KONDRMS” for more on this).

Voting has already begun for Funk Volume’s “Don’t Funk Up Our Beats 7″, and runs until August 9th 2015. Lock is a talented emcee to say the least, but would he have gotten your vote? If you want to check out some of the entries, or even submit one yourself, take a trip over to Funk Volume’s Facebook Page, or their official FAQ page, and start cookin’.

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