[Audio] DillanPonders – “ENERGY” (Remix)

dillanponders energy

That boy Ponders is at it again. Some of my favorite tunes from DillanPonders are remixes, like “Threatz”. Drake recently dropping “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” out of nowhere, DillanPonders was the first to jump on “Energy” and bring the heat. Him having RETOX on the way, and news of a 5 song remix tape dropping before hand, you can expect more where this came from.

[Event] The Green Team Presents: BAKED SALE – Dyme-A-Duzin & Minty Burns @ Studio Bar (Toronto)

This March 5th, Brooklyn, New York based rapper Dyme-A-Duzin makes his way to Toronto with Minty Burns for a night full of surprises at Studio Bar. With special guests John River and Yours Truly, T.Y. – you know exactly how the night is going to pan out. One dope show for the six! DJ PHD […]

[Audio] Immerze – “LIT” (Prod. Mike F. The Hitman)


The first single off Immerze’s upcoming EP – Room 221 – is bound to get anyone “LIT”. Over some knocking sounds from Mike F. The Hitman, Immerze gets on one to turn things up a bit. This is one of those tunes I can see myself bumping in the whip on blast on a nice summer day. Immerze’s new project due out this spring is fully handled by Mike F. The Hitman and Chef Byer. With these three teaming up, you already know it’s going to be something to look out for.

[Video] Maestro ft. Rich Kidd – “Born In Toronto” (Dir: Andre Rehal)

born in toronto

Remember when this joint dropped last year? “Born In Toronto”. A monumental moment. The pioneer of Canadian hip-hop and one of this generations favorites link up to talk about their city. Toronto. There’s a certain feeling you get when you enter the city, being from London I know that feeling well. The diversity, the aura the city gives off, the skyline; you can’t go one day in Toronto without seeing something new and innovative. I once talked with a homie from the city about it, and he said “when New York hit their hundredth year, that’s when they really starting shaping what it was as a city. Toronto is on it’s hundredth year, imagine how much we can change an inspire moving forward. The city is filled with life and everyday people are pushing their potential to it’s limits. I can’t wait to see where the city is in another twenty years”. So true. Going back and forth, Maestro and Rich Kidd let you know about Toronto. All eyes are on Toronto musically and both of them said it best, “in the 80’s outsiders used to sleep on Toronto, now they all want heat from Toronto/ now they all want beats from Toronto, but they can’t get em’ cheap from Toronto”.

[Audio] Flex The Antihero ft. Emerson Brooks – “Stick Up Kids” (Prod: M Mac & Emerson Brooks)

stick up kids

Flex’s SALEM EP re-release is around the corner, and dropping the first single off it – Flex links with with frequent collaborator Emerson Brooks and label-mate M Mac for “Stick Up Kids”. Giving it your all is a must, especially with how short life is. Why settle doing what you don’t like? When you can be everything you wanted to be and more. Knowing how to not to succumb to the negativity that can surround it is key. Over an ambient backdrop, Flex lets you know how he’s about to take it all.

[Video] Jarren Benton ft. Hopsin & Locksmith – “Killing My Soul” (Dir: ACRS)

killing my soul

Let me get you prepared for this. Linking up with Locksmith and Hopsin for “Killing My Soul” off Slow Motion, Jarren Benton unleashes some powerful visuals as each weighs the cons of this industry. You already know each emcee brings it one hundred and ten percent, so there’s nothing but bars on this one. Being real to who you are with artistry is a must. I don’t like to throw it out too much but music like this is timeless. Salute to these three!

[Audio] Richie Blackz x Casper The Ghost – “Small Town” [Prod. Mazur]

Small Town

I be on that “Small Town Sh*t”. Richie Blackz and Casper The Ghost, two close friends of The Come Up Show team up over a banging Mazur production, for a track that anyone from a small town can relate too. As two promising emcees, alone they dominate. Together, it’s a whole new subject. Not much need be said for this one, although there is a video on the way very soon! With Richie working on a project, Casper working on a project – only time will tell what comes next. For now, take in “Small Town” and get in tune with the talent London, Ontario has to offer.

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