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[Audio] K-os – “7evenGod {EgoTrippin} BLack. Mystery. Month.”

k os

“This new song has 2 titles. I called it Black Mystery Month precisely because of my quandary about how to celebrate it. It’s a mystery to me at this point, especially as a musician to comprehend what being black is even defined as? In a bizarre turn of self fulfilling prophecy it seems like most of the youth culture in the world ARE black even if their skin tone is not… They seem to exude a black or African ethos quite effortlessly and there is no doubt Hip Hop has had a lot to do with this expression.”

– K-OS

Kevin is back at it with this latest release, “7evenGod {EgoTrippin} BLack. Mystery. Month.” As long as I’ve been listening to hip hop, I’ve been listening to K-os. When you look at his body of work, I feel it’s safe to say that K-os is one of the most interesting musicians in the game, period. From his style and flow to hip hop philosophies, everything is on an outer worldly tip…I wish I could be in his head just for one day to better understand these gems he’s constantly dropping. I’m really digging the trap influences that K-os has been embracing as of late. “7evenGod {EgoTrippin} BLack. Mystery. Month.” along with his previous release, “Wild4TheNight” prove that K-os can kill it in any genre of hip hop. Whether its acoustic, electric, boom bap or trap, every track is fire. Be on the look out for Can’t Fly Without Gravity, the 6th studio coming from K-os. Needless to say I am very excited. Let us know what you think!

[Audio] Luxe Taylor- “Day One”


Luxe Taylor is back at it with this trap banger, “Day One.” The beat is heavy, the flow is nasty and the hook is catchy as hell; what more could you ask for. Luxe is definitely coming into his own on this latest single. The first track I heard by Luxe was “On” and I was a fan right off the bat. Judging by this latest effort, I feel it’s safe to say that Luxe is on a roll right now. Be sure to check this track out, and leave your thoughts below.

[Audio] DillanPonders – “ENERGY” (Remix)

dillanponders energy

That boy Ponders is at it again. Some of my favorite tunes from DillanPonders are remixes, like “Threatz”. Drake recently dropping “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” out of nowhere, DillanPonders was the first to jump on “Energy” and bring the heat. Him having RETOX on the way, and news of a 5 song remix tape dropping before hand, you can expect more where this came from.

[Mixtape] Professor Mic- “UNPLANNED”

professor mic

The Chicago Based collective “We Winnin” have been making a lot of noise in the scene as of late. Earlier this week, crew member Professor Mic dropped an EP of 7 unreleased tracks titled, UNPLANNED. This release is part of the collectives,”We Winnin Winsday,” which has been a steady release of new music for all the heads out there who love that Chi City sound. Enjoy Mic’s wordplay and lyricism laid on some pretty tough sample based beats; this is a project you gotta check out! leave your thoughts and comments below.

[Audio] Immerze – “LIT” (Prod. Mike F. The Hitman)


The first single off Immerze’s upcoming EP – Room 221 – is bound to get anyone “LIT”. Over some knocking sounds from Mike F. The Hitman, Immerze gets on one to turn things up a bit. This is one of those tunes I can see myself bumping in the whip on blast on a nice summer day. Immerze’s new project due out this spring is fully handled by Mike F. The Hitman and Chef Byer. With these three teaming up, you already know it’s going to be something to look out for.

[Audio] T.Y- “Hands Are Tied” (Prod.Chef Byer)


T.Y holds nothing back with his latest release, “Hands Are Tied.” Wearing his heart on his sleeve, this track right here finds T.Y reminisces over a series of relationships he’s experienced. The love lost narrative T.Y brings to the table is something that anyone can relate to on one level or another. For all the cynic’s out there, “”Hands Are Tied” is the perfect anti-valentines day jam. This Chef Byer produced track is the first official single off of T.Y’s upcoming project, The Beautiful Exchange. Be sure to check this track out, and keep it locked for further developments on this project.

[Audio] LOUIS IV- “10 Bands Freestyle”

10 bands

LOUIS IV keeps giving the people what they want…fire music. Coming off the success of his latest video release “She Knows” LOUIS IV drops a hot freestyle to Drakes “10 Bands” instrumental. If i had to choose, I’d say “10 Bands” is my probably favorite track on Drizzy’s latest project, I guess LOUIS IV was feeling the same way. This remix to “10 Bands” is a great introduction to Louis IV’s style. His laid back flow is reminiscent to the 6 God’s, however LOUIS delivery comes off raw, unapologetic and above all else dope! I’m really digging this track right here…Keep your eyes on Louis IV, this guy is going somewhere. Be sure to check this latest track out, and let us know your thoughts this “10 Bands” Remix.

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