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[Audio] Roy Wood$ – “All Of You”


Since the release, a lot of buzz has been garnering off Roy Wood$ new track “All Of You”. The similarities to Michael Jackson has given the artist quality exposure. Growing up in Brampton, Ontario, Wood$ was heavily inspired by the pop legend. However, when breaking down the song it’s best to look past the comparison and really admire Wood$ talent of writing original flow and lyrical content. Speaking on his new experiences living in Downtown Toronto, its clear his beat selection has helped soundtracked his times. The combination of the ambient keyboard chord progressions and his expression of long nights of excessive partying, helps bring the listener into his world .

The experimental vocals similar to Michael Jacksons, was a high risk, high reward situation. But luckily for the young artist, his natural gift for melody and songwriting used the impersonation to his advantage and has now gained positive recognition.

Successfully pulling off this cleverly strategized move, Roy Wood$ continues to progress and is expected to release his debut project EXIS later this year. Have any interesting thoughts about track? Feel free to comment in the section below.

[Video] Blake Carrington – “AHH YEAH” (Prod: Junia T)


One of the most consistent artists out of Toronto, Blake Carrington has been receiving praise from almost every major publication in the industry. He continues to build anticipation for his upcoming project #FAILURE with another feel good and infectious single “AHH YEAH”. With production from Junia T, Blake’s new track has the perfect sound for the upcoming summer. From the bounce of the drum samples to the catchy high end lead synths, accents of sunny 90’s West Coast hip hop are everywhere on this track. With a fun and care free instrumental, Blake writes the lyrics to match. With themes based on partying and laid back vibes,the listener finds themselves reminiscing of times when the summer meant complete happiness and freedom. Blake Carrington continues his come up and deserves recognition, show some love in the comment section below.

[Audio] $kinny – “Makaveli” (Prod: $kinny)

$kinny - Makaveli

$kinny is exactly what your music library has been missing. If you haven’t gotten familiar with the L.A. based Saudi Arabian born rapper/vocalist/producer, now would be the perfect time. Coming just after the one year anniversary of his debut mixtape “Ghetto Disneyland“, $kinny is back with his new self-produced single “Makaveli“.

As the first release from his upcoming EP “Flights to the Moon“, $kinny aims for a smooth release and hits it right on the head with his tranquil production and mellow vocals, giving a strong basis to his “smooth criminal” claim. Why stress when you can sit back and vibe with $kinny?

Be sure to check out his new single below, let us know your thoughts in the comments section, and be on the lookout for the official video for “Makaveli”, slated to drop in the coming weeks.

[Album] Jazz Cartier – “Marauding In Paradise”


The wait is over, easily one of the best artists to come out of Toronto has finally released his full-length debut mixtape Marauding In Paradise. Jazz Cartier is known for his musical versatility. He provides a sound that almost any avid music listener can relate too. From alternative electronic Toro Y Moi instrumentals and lush ambient ballads to high-energy club bangers, Jazz truly has a gift for blending the distinctive concepts to create a cohesive and fluid project. The overall production on the mixtape displays a perfected Toronto sound. Executive producer Lantz exercises his talent to create modern, diverse, and relevant instrumentals that elevate the potential of Jazz’s vision and creativity. The mixture of unique 808s, highly manipulated samples, and various electronic influences help craft a multi dimensional production, revealing a pleasing maturity to Jazz’s performance; a good example is the opening medley “Guardian Angel”. Most importantly, they’re chemistry encapsulated exactly what Hip Hop should be all about, which is music that gives the listener confidence, excitement, motivation, relation, and a voice.

Conceptually, this mixtape needs multiple attentive listens to fully comprehend. Jazz Cartier is not just rapping he’s full out preaching, particularly about fair warnings and his determined mindset take over the industry. Many references to religion, mythology, and a deteriorating relationship construct an odd combination of themes. However just like the sound, Jazz’s broad esoteric lyricism blends together like a well written narrative. Everything about Marauding In Paradise” is meticulously thought out, strategic, and it has a high replay value. Its truly quality at its finest. The release of this mixtape proves its now Toronto’s time and for the other aspiring rappers from the city this is the new standard.

Some of my Favourite tracks: Guardian Angel, The Valley, The Downtown Cliche, Forever Ready/Band On A Bible. Show your support to this incredible artist in the comment section below.

Download: Jazz Cartier – “Marauding In Paradise”

[Mixtape] Van Hill – “Naked Museum”


Hailing from Brampton, Ontario, Van Hill has had a productive year releasing an array of successful singles and music videos. Some of which has even caught the attention of upcoming Hip Hop collective Smashmouth Entertainment. With a growing buzz, his first full length release Naked Museum is a strong display of his progression.

With more interesting arrangements, song structures, lyrical content, and overall beat selection it’s clear Van Hill’s music going into the right direction. The rich ethereal sounds contrast well with his aggressive dark vocals painting a vivid image of life in the city. Lyrically the subject matter has become more introspective, with tracks like “Alone/The Walk II” and “Dirty Money” Van Hill discusses his personal struggles and how things change for better or for worse during life on the come up. There’s also a real underlying message explaining his path through the trial and errors, while attempting to follow through to his original vision. Nevertheless, the most impressive and distinct characteristic about Naked Museum, is Van Hill’s ability to hold down a track on his own. Without a single feature on the album, the young rapper exhibits his poise in the pocket and dynamic songwriting. Thriving in the dark and grungy sound Van Hill’s future continues to look bright. Be sure to show some support in the comment section below.

[Audio] Jaiden – “Remember” (Prod: Jay Glavany)

Jaiden W.A.I.T

After years of shaping his sound and image, Jaiden has finally released his debut single off his project W.A.I.T (Wide Awake In Transition). Heavily driven by his influences (Jay Z, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar), Jaiden with the help with of Toronto producer/artist Jay Glavany has embraced a sample based, boom bap, and lyrically strong approach that does the genre justice. Growing up in Toronto and Brampton, “Remember” has Jaiden feeling nostalgic about how much the two cities has influenced him and to never forget where you came from. Be sure to check his single and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Mixtape] gL.- “Late Night Prelude”

Toronto native and BANKSTYLE member gL drops his New Wave EP Late Night Prelude. A wise choice for a title, the project envelops a “Late Night” sound that any midnight marauder would enjoy. The collection of tracks really demonstrates his passion for the city, with shoutouts to the Danforth, Yonge Street, and Queen Street districts. Its clear the city that influenced him and his sound is well represented. With a consistent sonic and thematic production from executive producer Sammy Passions; the dark ambient pads, 808s, and soul samples dominants the instrumentals resulting into a great contribution to a growing Toronto scene. A few of my favourite tracks: “After Work”, “D$WNT$WN”, “Late Night”. Share your thoughts or favourite highlights of the EP in the comment section below.

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