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[Video] Dhamiri- “With It” (Dir. Kamil Boguski)

Toronto’s local music scene has been heating up lately, especially with UK born recording artist Dhamiri releasing the visual for his track “With It” produced by ZAGOR. Dhamiri hits us with some machine gun flow and aims to satisfy listeners with his confident bars and in your face attitude. Representing Loudica Music Group, Dhamiri is an artist that places focus on his ability to forge rhythmic tracks that blend an international sound with the dark vibes that are often associated with Toronto. Dhamiri also has a plethora of experiences that have shaped him into the artist he is today, from his youngest years in the middle-eastern territory known as Kuwait, to the growth of his new life in the city.

“With It” starts off with some dark production courtesy of ZAGOR, before Dhamiri jumps in red hot right off the bat with his fiery bars. The entire track revolves around Dhamiri’s ability to keep the listener intrigued with his machine gun flow that never stops. The visuals themselves represent a more polished look at Dhamiri as he captures some Toronto imagery brought to us by Kamil Boguski.

Dhamiri is capturing the attention of fans in his birth place of the UK, and Toronto’s rapidly growing music scene. After his debut project “Pay Up” was released this past February, we’re itching to hear what Dhamiri is cooking up next. What do you think of “With It”? Let us know in the comments section.

[Audio] Devontée – “Keeping 6″ [Prod: Devontée]


Toronto’s own rising rapper and producer Devontée is back again with another solid track “Keeping 6″. Proudly representing his crew WOE (Working On Excellence), Devontée has been living up to his motto and has been relentlessly working on his upcoming mixtape District Vibe, which is set to be released later the year.

Self produced, the beat starts with an underlying affected vocal that builds up to a rhythmic drop. As the drum fills end,  the leader of the WOEs enters with his first verse. Bass heavy with glossy tubular bell loop, and spurts of high hats, the instrumentals is as catchy as the chorus. Lyrically, Devontée is simply documenting his life and experiences. Creating his entire music catalogue, network, company, and team all by himself,  he is truly genuine when rapping about his ambitions and goals.

A hundred percent real with it and gaining more and more momentum everyday, Devontée is the total package and is becoming serious competition for other Toronto artists. Like what you hear and want to support Devontée and the WOE movement? Feel free to comment in the section below.

[Audio] C Dot Castro ft. Earlly Mac- “One Too” (Prod. Jae Faive)

Get acquainted with C Dot Castro, a dope emcee straight out of Gaithersburg, Maryland and his newest record “One Too” featuring Earlly Mac. Produced by frequent collaborator Jae Faive, Castro aims for a head bopping track on this one, in addition to the bar fest that the two have no problem throwing down.

C Dot Castro has been in the game for quite some time and is one of the founding members of The RattPack, consisting of his long time friends Big Lenbo, and Logic. Logic is also an emcee from Gaithersburg signed to Def Jam Records, as well as being part of Visionary Music Group, who is fresh off his debut album release Under Pressure. Castro has been releasing solo cuts of tracks for years before dropping his long awaited debut mixtape “DOT” (Don’t Over Think) about 4 months ago, which enjoyed much success, especially for a debut.

The track starts out with some of the digitally inspired production that starts the head bopping before Castro seamlessly slides in and brings the track to a whole new level. Castro really brings the heat on this one, starting off his verse with pure bars and doesn’t let up until the track hits the end. His signature sound at this point would be his non-stop lyrical bars, unstoppable flow, and ability to hit the machine gun style rap without fail in which he exhibits all three and one point or another during the impressive track. Next up is Earlly Mac, his style compliments the feel of the song really well, and is seemingly the perfect fit for the feature. His bars shouldn’t be ignored either, as he brings some more fire to an already hot song. In terms of the production, Jae Faive brings it nicely, creating a beat that doesn’t take too much focus away from the artists, while still incorporating some appreciated elements, such as glitchy samples, that come together to complete the package.

Castro has been jumping on a bunch of tracks lately, most recently on the song “Call of Duty” with Arizona based rapper Futuristic just two weeks ago. Since C Dot Castro’s debut mixtape “DOT”, you can bet he’s been writing and recording for his next full release which will drop at some point in the future. Personally, I’m a big fan of C Dot Castro, and think he can do quite a bit for the rap game, he offers a refreshing take on what he releases and is easily differentiated from the rest based on his talent, flow, lyrical prowess, and confidence. Keep it up Castro, because we can’t wait to hear what you come out with next.

[Audio] Sean Leon Feat. River Tiber – “This Ain’t 2012″ [Prod: Wondagurl]


Since 2012, Sean Leon has been taking his music very seriously and has managed to accomplish a fast rising career out of it. Gaining hundreds of thousands of views on his Soundcloud and frequently working with Wondagurl, the young Toronto artist is in the right position to make an impact in the industry. Planning to release his highly anticipated album Black Sheep Nirvana later this year, Sean releases “This Ain’t 2012″ while we wait. Produced by Wondagurl and a feature by River Tiber, “This Ain’t 2012″ has a traditional Wondagurl sound, for example, the beat contains menacing 808s, a reggae sample, and fluttering high hats. However, a breakdown in the middle of the track unexpectedly descends into an  angelic vocal melodies and guitar licks to create some light in the dark. Not recited at all in the song “This Ain’t 2012″, seems to be Sean’s his everyday motivation to keep striving towards his goals as well as a fair warning of whats to come.

[Audio] Post Malone- “White Iverson” (Alexander Mendoza Remix)

mendozaBy now, almost everyone (1,000,000+ YouTube views), has heard Post Malone‘s breakout hit “White Iverson“, but have you heard the upbeat remix from New York producer Alexander Mendoza? If you haven’t you owe yourself a couple minutes to check out some fresh music. Aiming for a cool feel, Mendoza places some focus on more of the emotionally charged lyrics with some impressive production that completely changes the feel of the song.

Alexander Mendoza, an astonishing producer straight out of New York is no stranger to the game, he’s been producing for quite a long time, and is one half of the hip-hop duo “The Kings Dead“, with his childhood friend from Massachusetts Sonny Shotz. Before we go more into that, lets go back a little bit to one of Mendoza’s first forays into the music scene, which was a hip-hop trio called “The Dean’s List” with Sonny as well as Mik Beats. Together they released a couple mixtapes/albums and gained a large following. After a couple years things started to change for them, and the trio soon became a duo, wishing a fond farewell to their good friend Mik, and Sonny and Alex became The Kings Dead, with Mendoza on the production, and Sonny handling the rap. Mendoza also has a solo career where he focuses on producing, and released his very own solo EP entitled “Libre” less than a year ago which is full of astounding production.

Alex’s take on “White Iverson” is a refreshing one to say the least, the track starts off with some welcomed glitchy elements, using some of the familiar tones one may recognize from the original. The catchy hook starts up before long, though is noticeably sped up, to more so fit the feel of the track. Mendoza is a producer that utilizes a multitude of elements in his production, and they really shine through tracks like this. The more you listen the more you can see how much he has put into this production, and without rushing or taking shortcuts Mendoza proves that he is an artist that truly cares about his craft, and goes all out every opportunity he can. The breakdown is a welcomed addition to the track as well, before we hear the emotionally charged chorus once again, creating a unique remix, and a refreshing take on the track.

Mendoza is an artist who has been known to push boundaries, even releasing a huge remix of Major Lazer and Ariana Grande‘s “All My Love“, which was endorsed by the king himself, Diplo. There is much more to Mendoza than meets the eye, though with himself gearing up to release his newest album “Utopia Too” under The Kings Dead, I wanted this article to be but an introduction to the man you hear now. “Utopia Too” is slated for a June 8th release, and you can bet you’ll be seeing more of Mendoza and Sonny via The Come Up Show, as these two are taking the music scene by storm.

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