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[EP] A-Fos & The Rude Youth – “Trying To Be Better”

A-Fos & The Rude Youth - Trying To Be Better

If you were at Two Crown King’s farewell show, you should remember A-Fos & The Rude Youth. With a mixture of banging drums, funky guitar riffs, groovy keyboard solos, and nimble lyricism, the London-based hip-hop band killed their opening slot and proved they’re not to be dismissed. If you weren’t at the show, now’s the time to get acquainted. The dynamic group recently released their debut EP, Trying To Be Better, a five-track offering that’ll leave you wanting more. For more on the band, check out their appearance on our radio show. The group is also opening for SonReal this coming Tuesday, April 1st at The Outback Shack (bonus: it’s a free show). Stream and purchase the EP below.

Early favourites: “Chicago” and “Wake Up.”

[EP] 100s – “IVRY”

100s - IVRY

If you’re not familiar, let us introduce you to West Coast rapper, 100s. The Berkeley, CA native made noise following the release of his debut project, Ice Cold Perm, released in 2012. Fast forward and 100s has just delivered his new EP, IVRY. Possessing characteristics reminiscent of artists such as Too Short, 100′s has also been compared to the sounds of James Brown and Nipsey Hussle; yet he still manages to stand alone, captivating listeners each step of the way. Hard-hitting production paired with a wide-variety of different vibes makes for great replay value. Upon listening, early favourites include “Inglish Outro”, “Thru My Veins,” and “Ten Freaky Hoes.” Stream/download 100s’ “IVRY” below.

Download: 100s – “IVRY”

[EP] Slap Nevada – “Ricky James”

Slap Nevada Ricky James
Slap Nevada, formerly known as Tree Ave, is a 21-year-old Detroit recording artist who has brought us his new and highly anticipated EP, Ricky James, which I am loving like crazy. In these six tracks, Slap Nevada combines Rap and Hip-Hop with trillstep, trap, 808, and club beats that make this a masterpiece. Slap Nevada is relentless; his tone is eccentric, aggressive, and colourful. His wordplay is absolutely whack and genius, and each track brings you to someplace new, and always just as good as the last place Slap Nevada left your mind. While I absolutely love each track, my top three at the moment are “Holy Ghost”, “Killer” and “Player’s Ball”.

Slap Nevada has created his own personality through his music, and his kind of presence, music and energy are exactly what the industry needs right now. I really can’t say enough, so I’ll stop and let you take a listen and let you say something instead.

[Album] Slur – “Writing Home About Nothing”

Slur - Writing Home About Nothing

After getting put on to this one a little bit late after having a brief conversation with Toronto recording artist Slur, the only thought that comes to mind is “how did I miss this one?”. I’m glad it was brought to my attention though, because I relate to this EP way too much!

Last year, Slur (whom you may have heard on T.Y.’s 500 Autumn Nights: Side B) released a new EP called Writing Home About Nothing, an amazing compilation of seven songs which Slur put together perfectly. Speaking on things he wants to change, his opinion on certain topics while on others you find him just having fun. It’s hard to pin point a favorite song on Writing Home About Nothing because as you listen through from start to finish, each track is as unique as the last one. With a ton of Canadian artist’s on their independent grind, it’s almost impossible to not support good music such as this EP. I can’t wait to see what Slur brings to the table this year, and after hearing Writing Home About Nothing, you’ll feel the same way. Stream the whole project below and be sure to purchase the project if you’re feeling it. Let me know what you think below!

Purchase: Slur – Writing Home About Nothing

[EP] Young Flama – “Hopes & Dreams”

Lyrical Message Young Flama

14 year-old rapper Young Flama has released his new EP “Hopes & Dreams” after releasing his single “Lyrical Message”, and again, I am thoroughly impressed. I know what you’re thinking- 14 years-old?! Yes, and it sounds as though he has been making music longer than his time on earth. From Australia, Young Flama has beautifully crafted a 12 track EP with some real gems. With many songs about human corruption, inequality, and even some well-backed up boasting about his age, each track addresses interconnecting issues. “Over the Breaks” is about how Flama’s confidence and determination brought him success; “Stand Tall” is beautiful track about imperfection, the consequences of bad decisions, crime, and poverty; “All I Need” is about working hard to fulfill dreams over a life of crime.

I have to mention that Young Flama really kills it on “War (towards Hip-Hop)” over Drake’s “5 A.M. In Toronto” as well as “Satan’s Enemy” over Drake’s “Paris Morton Music”. Not only does he address real issues on this EP, he does it with a distinct sound and extraordinary passion.

I dub Young Flama the youngest humanitarian rapper on The Come Up Show, and with good reason. Take a listen below and witness a miracle.

[EP] Elaquent – “Green Apples and Oranges”

Elaquent - Green Apples and Oranges

Few producers are consistently making better music than Elaquent right now. The Guelph, Ontario HW&W beatsmith just dropped his Green Apples and Oranges EP, an eight-track instrumental journey through jazz, soul, and of course, hip-hop. Some of the EP’s tracks are already familiar: standouts “The Official,” “Aurora” (link above), and “Treehome 94 1/2″ all make appearances. The others (“Alone At Last,” “Oreos,” “The Little Things You Do,” “Almost There,” and “Sayonara”) showcase a new side of Elaquent, as he experiments with different synths and sounds. For more on Elaquent, make sure to read our interview with him. Stream and purchase Green Apples and Oranges below (and read what Elaquent had to say about the project after the jump).

[EP] Freddie Joachim – “Begonia”

Freddie Joachim - Begonia

One of my favourite producers is back at it again, dropping the four-track Begonia EP. On Begonia, California-based Freddie Joachim crafts a smooth blend of soulful keys, synthy grooves and dusty drums for an overall solid and cohesive project. My only gripe? I wish there were more songs. But hey, it’s free, so who am I to complain? For those unfamiliar, Joachim is a West Coast deejay, producer and label director for San Francisco-based Mellow Orange (along with friends Yusai and Question). If you like what you hear, be sure to go back and check out his Dusting EP as well. Stream and download Begonia below.

[EP] D-Sisive & Tone Mason – “Raging Bull”

D-Sisive & Tone Mason - Raging Bull EP

I’ll admit, I’m a little late to the party on this one. Such things tend to happen when your December consists of exams and holidays. Forgive me. Towards the end of December, D-Sisive and Tone Mason dropped the nine-track Raging Bull EP, an especially aptly-titled project as each track resembles D-Sisive lyrically going to war in the ring. For someone who revered Jonestown 2 as one of the best releases of 2011 (haven’t heard it? Go back and listen to it; it’s that good) hearing D-Sisive once again at his best is a wholly welcome return. Since D-Sisive also frequently writes the most compelling press releases of any artist, I’ll save the rest of the column for him (read after the jump).

Stream and pay what you want for Raging Bull below.

[Album] Sese – “Sayzor Ramone” EP

December 3rd, the day we’ve all awaited. Sese’s second album of this year is finally here, Sayzor Ramone. Check out our review of the EP, stream it before purchasing after the description of Sayzor Ramone. Not only do we get the album, Sese dropped a new visual for track three as well, “Light It Up” featuring Hardbody, check that out afterwards as well.

“The theme music starts… And, the roar from the fans rolls like a tide through the stadium. The ring announcer starts, “Introducing, from St. Catherines, Ontario weighing 287 pounds… The Bad Guy, SAYZOR RAMONE! For Aristo Music Group recording artist Sese (Pronounced Say-Zee) channeling over the top charisma, brash lady’s man bravado and technical skills to put him a cut above the rest comes as second nature. The parallels between he and his favourite wrestler the WWF’s Rayzor Ramone character are endless on his new 8-Track offering aptly-titled, “Sayzor Ramone.” “I just [really] wanted to embody that charisma he had. He was all about the ladies and dressing the best, but on top of that he was a top competitor and his talent overshadowed his cocky bravado,” says Sese of his new collection. Giving fans and music lovers a high energy ringside like experience is heard throughout the offering. “I just wanted to make a cohesive project. I wanted it to be high energy, and it to embody that feeling of stepping into the ring, the crowd, the lights, the theme. I wanted it to feel very over the top… No Royale Rumble.” Boasting a mix of some frequent collaborators, and the introduction to some new sound masters, “Sayzor Ramone” flows from top to bottom. With features from Luu Breeze and Hardbody. And, production from Jayze, 2oolman, Superville, The Workx and UTVMG in-house producer Jmakbeatz the sounds are bass heavy and high impact. Currently on the “Live In Concert Tour” with Luu Breeze and G MILLA, Sese continues to bring his high energy approach to fans across the nation. Be sure to look out for Sese in a city near you.”

Purchase: Sese – Sayzor Ramone

[EP] Jimmy B – “L.O.R.D.S”

Toronto’s own Jimmy B releases his highly anticipated debut EP, L.O.R.D.S (Life Only Respects Da Successful). Through honest lyrics and a humble attitude, Jimmy’s music has continued to resonate with his peers. After recently supporting the likes of Mac Miller, Joey BadA$$, Ab-Soul and The Flatbush ZOMBiES, Jimmy B has continued to prove why he stands out as an artist. Features on the project include Dee Goodz, Mr. MFN eXquire, and Rich Kidd. Production is handled by Fameless Tay Lewis, Rich Kidd and MMac amongst others. Stream/download L.O.R.D.S below.

[Audio] Danny Brown & mndsgn – “Sweeney Song”

casual drug references artwork

Holy holy. This is project of my dreams (and the dreams of anyone who is a nü-LA fan). The curator of the deceased Classic Drug References, Sweeney Kovar, thankfully decided to salvage the essence of the blog in the form of a box set limited to 500 units. The set consists of three 7″ singles, all by duos: Danny Brown & mndsgn, zeroh & Ras G, Blu & Knwxledge. As you can see, 80% of these artists are part of the core beat scene of LA’s wonderful music landscape. Although I’m a fan of all of these dudes, the Danny Brown and mndsgn project simply blew me away. mndsgn creates a murky, eery atmosphere with the demented instrumental which gives Danny the perfect opportunity to slash it apart. Fans of his will remember this flow from the XXX days, his most acclaimed project to date. Enough rambling, listen to these guys rip it up on “Sweeney Song” and check out the other singles as well.

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