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[EP] OSIYM- “Spirits EP”

Toronto duo OSIYM is back with a new 10-track EP entitled Spirits which offers a refreshing look at bass heavy, eclectic, and industrial sound waves. Coming right off their previous release “B.O.M.B.“, OSIYM manipulates the dark vibes of Toronto’s iconic sound while capturing the city’s energy and delivering an impressive EP in every sense of the word.

OSIYM, or Out of Sight, In Your Mind consists of Charlie Black, and Nova who are working to change Toronto’s already flourishing music scene for the better. The two have been a part of the underground scene for quite some time now, generating buzz individually before linking up to take their art to the next level. Charlie Black has two mixtapes to his name  “D.E.S.T.A. Dude” and “Work in Progress“, and has worked with the likes of another Toronto born artist JD Era. Nova’s mixtape “It was all a dream: The HIStory” enjoyed positive reception from YouTube, as well as local blogs.

Utilizing OSIYM’s ability to switch their style up, their Spirits EP encompasses a wide variety of tracks, from the club heavy trap singles “Go Down“, “F*ckery“, and “No More“, to “Us” that pays homage to Charlie’s late brother Nate. “Do Too Well” focuses on an internal struggle, while tracks such as “Ginobili” get the alcohol flowing. The EP also features pristine production from the likes of Demar PDanthraxKid MKJustin Cooke, and Nate Smith.

Overall, OSIYM’s Spirits EP, showcases the talent that the Toronto based duo are capable of, and offers the vision of a bright future with these emcee’s, but now they are looking to shake up the game, so be ready for much more music to come.

[EP] Tre Capital – Gundam Part II


LA’s Tre Capital just released his sophomore EP, Gundam Part II and gave us the perfect soundtrack to get hype to. The tape is a follow up to last year’s debut Gundam Part I.  It’s evident in the production that he has lots of love for the six. Solely produced by Toronto’s talented WondaGurl & Eestbound, their heavy hitting production create a fitting sound for his braggadocious rhymes. Tre Capital just exudes confidence.  Listen below. The tape is also available for purchase via iTunes.

[EP] Bobby Raps & Corbin – Couch Potato

Couch Potato

Bobby Raps and Corbin (previously known as Spooky Black) are half of the St. Paul, MN collective, The Stand4rd. Couch Potato is the first release from the two young artists since the self-titled debut, The Stand4rd was released in November 2014.

Solely produced by Bobby Raps, from the first track, it is evident that the EP is unlike anything released right now. “Welcome To The Hell Zone” sets the tone for the dark and sultry EP. The two have an incredible artistic chemistry. Bobby Raps’ verses and Corbin’s raspy vocals complement his ambient, yet heavy hitting beats very well. Continuing with their usual subject matter of heartbreak and love, they bear their souls on each track. You can hear the pain in their voices. Check out the 7 track EP below.

[Album] ellis- “be gone”


Meet ellis. The Port Credit, Mississauga born rapper/singer/producer who’s taking Toronto’s music scene by storm. With the release of his debut EP “be gone“, ellis works to solidify his vision and work towards his future goals of collaborating with some of his favorite musicians, and developing himself as an artist.

“be gone” carries 5 tracks solely produced by himself, and starts off with “soul etc.”. As the intro to the EP, ellis wastes no time introducing the listener to his production, rap, and singing talents. His confident rhymes transition to an R&B inspired hook that demonstrates ellis’ ability to create a melody a step above the rest. “we got you“, a production that was created when inspiration struck ellis at a bar, follows up the intro with a digitally inspired production with an 8-bit feel that begs to be slayed with his lyrics, as it does. Before long the listener gets a taste of his melody driven hook before he jumps back into the beat at full force. As the track closes out, the production takes center stage for a well made conclusion. “5 star chances, 6 figure glances” starts out with some easy rhymes to get things started, before the gentle flute based production takes more prominence. The R&B focused hook has ellis showcasing his singing, with some female vocals to compliment the contrast. One of ellis’ strengths is his ability to seamlessly transition his rhymes from hip-hop to R&B, and vice versa, which he seems to do effortlessly throughout the track. As one of the most meaningful songs on the EP, “something i missed” captures a story of when ellis stepped out of his comfort zone physically and emotionally in a way he had not experienced before. A love story gone awry gave birth to this track, with the emotionally infused lyrics and double featured hook to represent a female, and male perspective on the situation. The intro and outro of the song sports samples from “Good Will Hunting” to add even more to his emotional ballad. The final track on the EP is titled “getting to it“, and boasts ellis’ fine rhyming skills infused with his ability to make a catchy hook. The balance between pure production and vocals is on point, and serves as an appropriate closing for “be gone”.

“real dreams don’t disintegrate” – ellis – soul etc.

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[Instrumentals] Savon – “Something, For Now”


The second largest city in Michigan, Grand Rapids has a developed an impressive linage of historical figures. From Former Presidents of the United States to a Soul legend, the Western Michigan city has had a significant impact on American culture. The influence continues to grow stronger with the younger generation taking the command, which begins with the emerging Hip Hop collective AGO (Astronaut Gang).

Comprised of recording artists and producers, their experimental hybrid sound of R&B, Hip Hop, and Dance has broke new ground. Building on top of what veteran members have accomplished, the 19 year old standout producer Savon has released a new instrumental tape Something, For Now. Inspired by family, friends, and close loved ones, Savon is able to develop a cohesive five track tape that really embodies the sound and feel of the AGO movement. From the opening track titled “Peaceful (Intro)” to “Time is All We Need (Outro)”, the tape creates an overall guideline and aesthetic to their signature production. For example, the warmth of the analog, melodic synth chord progressions, serene vocal samples, heavy use of low pass, and faint percussion all make there presence felt. Most importantly, the execution of getting the listener into a groove or a trance to really help understand what mood and atmosphere the artist is trying to create, is effortlessly achieved

With the title referring to patience and grace, Something, For Now is a reminder of what they do best, and Savon and his AGO collective deserve all the time they need; because the consistency of each project independently released, proves the artistic freedom they’ve been given is a key essential for the progress of this genre and music . Interested in sharing your thoughts on this project? Feel free to comment in the section below.    

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