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[Instrumental] Tay Lewis – “Club Autorizzare”

Tay Lewis

If you’ve taken in DillanPonders NUMB, or any previous work, you may have seen the name Tay Lewis in the production credits. SmashMouth Music Group producer Tay Lewis released a feel good instrumental to vibe to. If you take in a ton of instrumentals, it’s easy to pick out great producers. Tay Lewis is one of those, creating a song of his own with “Club Autorizzare”.

Tay Lewis invites you to Club Autorizzare. Infamous for his collaborative work with label mate DillanPonders, Tay returns to his instrumental roots with a one off for the masses.

[Instrumentals] GraphWize – Graph Beats Vol.2

Graph Beats Vol.2

London, Ontario producer Graph Wize has been the sort of hidden gem if you’re not fully indulged in the local scene. Dropping part two of his Graph Beats series, fully done with the MPC 5000, MPC 2000xl and the Esoniq ASR 10. Purely sample based minus the track “Meltdown” which is an original composition with no samples. If underground hip-hop is your forte, this is an instrumental album you want in your archives. Graph Wize has been doing his thing for a long time now, working with artist’s like Lil Eto, Jai Black, Blakk Boi, P.A Knit and JBlaze out of Rochester, New York. Psych Ward from Ontario, Cyrus Malachi out of England, Apathy and Celph Titled on Psych Ward’s “Exoskeleton” remix featured on their More Slime album. Maryland Kaimbr out of New Carrollton, Maryland, Ty Nitty from Queens, New York, Black Poet and even co-produced some instrumentals on JNyce’s Vaults of Horror 4 instrumental series. Let’s just say Graph Wize is international, as Hip Hop has no boundaries as a culture. Personal favorites on here are instrumentals like “Utopia”, “Everclear”, “Deep Six”, “Loneliness”, “Meltdown” and “Click Clack”. Seven dollars to get all this fire, you can’t pass up on something like that. If you haven’t had the chance to check out GraphWize’s work yet, hit play and relax on this Sunday evening to Graph Beats Vol.2

Hit the link to stream/purchase Graph Beats Vol.2

[Mixtape] Clams Casino – “Instrumentals 3″

Clams Casino has released the third instalment in his Instrumentals mixtape series. The New Jersey beatmaker has been rather reserved compared to previous years but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t made an impact. This year, he’s been able to contribute to the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack, collaborate with Vic Mensa for a Hewlett Packard commercial, and now, he’s released his latest project, Instrumentals 3. Clams’ 13-track offering includes instrumentals from his production for A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller, and more. It also comes complete with three unreleased tracks as well. Stream/download below.

Download: Clams Casino – “Instrumentals 3″

[Instrumentals] Big K.R.I.T. – “4evaNaDay”

Rappers, cue drooling. Big K.R.I.T. just released the complete instrumentals to 4evaNaDay, and they’re yours for free. In case you didn’t know already, the mixtape was entirely produced, arranged and mixed by the Mississippi native. As K.R.I.T. tells XXL, 4evaNaDay is about taking the listener inside his everyday life:

“I wanted to make a day in the life—more personal, more honest. It has no features, because Live From The Underground is gonna have features and it’s gonna be on a broader spectrum. This is literally about what I go through on a day, from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep. Dealing with my vices, conversations with real people in my life—my father, and Big Sant, dealing with the relationship aspects, and the spirituality. All of that is in this one CD…” – Big K.R.I.T.

For more on Big K.R.I.T., make sure to check out our interview with him – which, at the time, was his first interview in Canada. Stream and download the instrumental version of 4evaNaDay below.

[Audio] Elaquent – “Treehome 94 1/2″

Elaquent recently dropped this instrumental reworking of Tyler, The Creator’s “Treehome95″, dubbing the remix “Treehome94 1/2″. The finished piece is totally different from the original; instead of the piano and bells arrangement on the original Wolf track (which, in my opinion, was one of the strongest tracks on the album), we’re treated to a funkier, electronic-sounding, neo-soul adaptation. The percussion is beefed up as well; the snares in Elaquent’s remix have a certain added life from those on the smooth, laid-back “Treehome95″. The end result? What was already a good track gets even better. Stream and download “Treehome94 1/2″ below. For more on Elaquent, check out our interview with him.

[Audio] Nobuo Uematsu – “Fanfare” (Evil Needle x oriJanus Remix)

Gotta love music that appeals to the hip-hop head and inner nerd in me. Evil Needle and oriJanus just dropped this super dope remix of the “Victory Fanfare” theme from Final Fantasy VII (check here to hear the original), and it. is. awesome. I can’t claim to have ever played the Final Fantasy series, but I’m a big fan of video game/hip-hop remixes, so this gets me. For those unfamiliar with oriJanus (as I was before hearing this), he’s a 19-year-old producer/emcee/graphic designer/photographer out of Bakersfield, California. As for Evil Needle, he’s a beatmaker from France repping Soulection and the HW&W collective. Cool? Cool. Now that we’re all acquainted, stream and download the “Fanfare” remix below.

[Audio] Elaquent – “The Official”

Looks like we’re keeping things in the HW&W family today. Elaquent just dropped “The Official”, an instrumental tribute to the Jaylib (J Dilla and Madlib) track of the same name off Champion Sound. If you haven’t taken in Champion Sound before, I definitely recommend giving it a listen. Here’s the breakdown: it’s a 20-track album by J Dilla and Madlib where they take turns rapping over each other’s production. Sounds pretty appealing, right? Along with “The Official”, my personal favourites off the album would have to be “McNasty Filth” (featuring Frank-N-Dank) and “Raw Shit” (featuring Talib Kweli). Stream Elaquent’s version of “The Official” below.

[Album] Rich Kidd – “Kiddstrumentals 2″

Rich Kidd is back with Kiddstrumentals 2, a tribute to Marvin Gaye and his critically-acclaimed 1971 album What’s Going On. On the project, Rich Kidd flips each and every track off What’s Going On, reworking them with hard kicks and snares into a hip-hop homage. This marks the second instalment in the Kiddstrumentals series, after the original. Stream and download Kiddstrumentals 2 below, and read what Rich Kidd had to say about the project.

“I use to listen to these podcasts from DJ Grouchy Greg where he would play all these classic soul tunes and give a back story to how the tracks came to be. One episode was about Marvin, Berry Gordy and Motown. The story of Marvin’s life was both beautiful and tragic and brought life to the music that I already heard but never analyzed. I learned this man was world famous but dead broke, depressed, addicted to coke and still created this masterpiece. It was conceptual, political, religious, conscious and soulful all at the same time. It became my favorite album. I put it in the ranks of the Ready To Die’s, Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt’s and Hell Hath No Fury’s of my collection but overall, it’s the greatest album ever created to me.

I crafted this tape in the summer of 2007, when I was living with my cousin in Jane and Finch. Feeling broke, somewhat depressed and being a pothead, I felt like I was in the same creative nirvana as Marvin at the time. I chopped every song on that album and wanted to do a album project with me or someone else rapping on it. Time passed by and now its 2013. Honestly, I subconsciously didn’t want to hear no rappers on it. I left it alone. Glad I did. Enjoy.” – Rich Kidd

[Instrumentals] KLIMEK$ – “Glares”

British producer KLIMEK$ recently released “Glares”, an instrumental EP that fuses hip-hop with very chill trap. The sounds are spacey and uplifitng. The first track “Sailing” has an awesome sound with a good (although very faint) use of vocals. There is also a good mix of electronic sounds especially on the second track “Windows Down”. The final track “Ocean Nights” is my favorite on this EP probably because its sounds most like a traditional hip-hop beat but the whole tape is worth a listen. Check it out below. Enjoy!

[Instrumentals] Chuck Acid – “The Sketch”

Allow me to introduce you to Chuck Acid. The 15-year old Philadelphia beatmaker just dropped The Sketch, a 14-track instrumental tape showcasing the range of his production skills. Stream/download the beat tape below, and read what he had to say about the project. For my personal favourite, check out “Breezy Monday”.

“The Sketch is a mixture of psychedelic samples, sounds, and percussion heated to various tempos and genres. For this project, I wanted to offer the best of my mixing and producing abilities. I wanted to offer a project that would turn heads and introduce me as a serious artist. I feel that this project was a blueprint, or a “sketch” if you will, for bigger and better things to come in the future.” – Chuck Acid

[Audio] IAMNOBODI – “Thankful”

Here’s some instrumental goodness for you this morning. German producer IAMNOBODI just dropped “Thankful”, a thoroughly Dilla-esque production laced with keys, synths, and some ridiculously fat drums. For those unfamiliar with IAMNOBODI, check out his instrumental refix of Kendrick Lamar’s “BDKMV”. I definitely can’t wait to hear more from the Dusseldorf-raised Soulection producer after this one. Stream “Thankful” below.

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