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[Mixtape] Humble Soles- “Blipsto (The Non-Profit Mixtape)”


Humble Soles resides in Atlanta, Ga and is an original DSGB from Thomasville, GA. Being a man of many different hats, Humble Soles considers himself a multimedia artist; expressing himself through photography, poetry, writing and of course, music. His latest project, Blipsto, is a 13 track mixtape with a vibe that anyone can get down to: Hipsters, Stoners, Old School Players, Gangstas, Black Power Followers, College Dropouts, Music Lovers, Trappers, your hip Grandma, and those kids with rich parents that want to be down with the cause. Be sure to check out Blipsto, and show some love to your boy Humble Soles.

[Mixtape] Ash Riser- “Modern Medicine” (Prod. Ash Riser)

“This current body of work is everything I’ve wanted to embody in my art; a genre-less melting pot of musical influence and solid execution”.
-Ash Riser

TDE affiliate Ash Riser is looking to break out with the release of his latest project titled Modern Medicine. The Los Angeles born singer is best known for his vocal work with Kendrick Lamar, appearing on “Ronald Reagan Era”, “Keisha’s Song”, “Determined,” “Barbed Wire,” and most recently “Wesley’s Theory.” If you’re unfamiliar with Riser’s K dot features, Modern Medicine is a far out showcase of everything that is Ash Riser. With genre bending sounds ranging from hip hop, soul, rock and electronic, this project is in a lane of its own, and is one of the more unique projects I’ve come across in a minuet. This project was recorded, produced, mixed and written by Riser himself, showcasing the fact there isn’t much Ash can’t do. If you’re in need of a pick me up, check out Modern Medicine, and let the therapy begin.

[Mixtape] Van Hill – “Naked Museum”


Hailing from Brampton, Ontario, Van Hill has had a productive year releasing an array of successful singles and music videos. Some of which has even caught the attention of upcoming Hip Hop collective Smashmouth Entertainment. With a growing buzz, his first full length release Naked Museum is a strong display of his progression.

With more interesting arrangements, song structures, lyrical content, and overall beat selection it’s clear Van Hill’s music going into the right direction. The rich ethereal sounds contrast well with his aggressive dark vocals painting a vivid image of life in the city. Lyrically the subject matter has become more introspective, with tracks like “Alone/The Walk II” and “Dirty Money” Van Hill discusses his personal struggles and how things change for better or for worse during life on the come up. There’s also a real underlying message explaining his path through the trial and errors, while attempting to follow through to his original vision. Nevertheless, the most impressive and distinct characteristic about Naked Museum, is Van Hill’s ability to hold down a track on his own. Without a single feature on the album, the young rapper exhibits his poise in the pocket and dynamic songwriting. Thriving in the dark and grungy sound Van Hill’s future continues to look bright. Be sure to show some support in the comment section below.

[Mixtape] gL.- “Late Night Prelude”

Toronto native and BANKSTYLE member gL drops his New Wave EP Late Night Prelude. A wise choice for a title, the project envelops a “Late Night” sound that any midnight marauder would enjoy. The collection of tracks really demonstrates his passion for the city, with shoutouts to the Danforth, Yonge Street, and Queen Street districts. Its clear the city that influenced him and his sound is well represented. With a consistent sonic and thematic production from executive producer Sammy Passions; the dark ambient pads, 808s, and soul samples dominants the instrumentals resulting into a great contribution to a growing Toronto scene. A few of my favourite tracks: “After Work”, “D$WNT$WN”, “Late Night”. Share your thoughts or favourite highlights of the EP in the comment section below.

[Mixtape] Fran Gogh & Marco- “Basement Hits”


Fran Gogh (20) & Marco (18) are two brothers born in Italy who have lived all around the world. Their love for music started at an early age as their Father was in a rock band that toured Italy. Gogh recorded his first rap song at the age of 12 and Marco made his first beat at 15. Ever since, the two have made hundreds of songs, but only 5 making the cut of their debut album BASEMENT HITS. This album was recorded over a period of 3 years in Canada, U.S.A, and Germany and was mixed by Alex Foster-Romàn (A-Fos) in Canada at CHRW Studios.

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