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[Audio] Jaiden – “Juice” [Prod: dF & sol.theory]


Jaiden is back and he’s done with being humble. Unleashing new music since his debut EP W.A.I.T (Wide Awake In Transition), “Juice” is a hard hitting single that will get you hyped. Quietly beginning with instrumental plucks, the sudden heavy drop and sporadic high hats bring the production into another dimension.

A combination of trap and boom bap, producers  dF and sol.theory create an original, modern, yet simple beat that creates depth and versatility for Jaiden to rap his intricate flows over. Inspired by the characters Bishop (Tupac Shakur) and Q (Omar Epps) from the film Juice,  the lyrics express the young rappers boost of confidence and readiness to takeover the industry.

Rapping solo, “Juice” displays Jaiden’s ability to bring his energy, persona, technical flows, and clever one liners to construct a well rounded song. What is also impressive is his comfort rapping steadily in the pocket. With only one project in his catalogue he truly has a natural talent.

Quickly progressing with each release, Jaiden is really building a foundation in Toronto’s music scene and is proving his ceiling is only getting higher. Like Jaiden’s new track? Feel free to show your support in the comment section below.

[Audio] Allan Rayman- “The Bird & The Cage”


Buzzing crooner Allan Rayman has just released a new 11 minute auditory experience titled “The Bird & The Cage.” The release marks the official follow up to Allan’s critically acclaimed LP, Hotel Allan, which is blowing up the net right now. Centering around Allan’s obsession with his music and inability to break focus for a love struck fem fatale, “The Cage & The Bird,”serves as a continuation from the Hotel Allan story line, diving deeper into the complex relationship between the two.

With sounds built around hazy, dreamlike production Allan lulls the listeners deeper and deeper into his torment as the 11 minute piece progress. Accompanied with some chopped and screwed interludes between Allan and his demons, “The Bird & The Cage” sets us up for the next chapter of Allan’s musical journey, and gives us a sense of closure to the Hotel Allan LP. Allan has this uncanny ability to blend gripping story lines into his music, creating unique listening experiences that take you into the mind of its creator. From start to finish i guarantee you’ll be hooked to every note, harmony and beat this latest effort presents. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Hotel Allan, do yourself a favor and check it out. “The Bird & The Cage” is the first release from the upcoming Roadhouse Series; I’m excited to see what happens next. Be sure to share your thoughts with us, and show some love in the comment section below.

[Audio] Dumbfoundead- “Coachella” (Prod. Josh Pan)

“This is for my festival freaks” is what Korea Town, Los Angeles emcee Dumbfoundead states on his newest track “Coachella“. Produced by the mysterious Josh Pan, Dumbfoundead and Josh work to make a hit that holds festival imagery that can be enjoyed by festival goers, and non festival goers alike. As the second collaboration between DFD and Josh in the last little while, the two demonstrate musical chemistry, playing off each others strengths which works to compliment the sound.

K Town’s DFD, a member of the Blowdians, has quite a reputation in the underground scene, dropping a few solo EP’s and albums, including “DFD“, “Love Everyday EP“, “Take the Stares“, & “Old Boy Jon“. He’s been gearing up for something big however, with this being his second release in a short amount of time, the first being “Mellow Yellow” which is also produced by Josh Pan. The mysterious producer Josh Pan just dropped a big 13:00 minute release in the form of “Blue Skin“, which consists of 8 of his original productions, along with an unique and creative introduction. For more information on Josh, and DFD click here.

As far as the track goes, it starts out with an ambient intro courtesy of Josh, before Dumbfoundead jumps in with a hook that sets the listener up for a dope song. DFD’s flow is unbeatable, and you can tell once his first few bars hit your ears. His confidence can be felt throughout the song, and really sets him apart from the majority of the competition. DFD, and Josh Pan are both in their own lane which is one of the reasons their sounds mesh together so well. These two artists have been creating unique tunes since they started out, so what do you think is next for them? Let us know in the comments section.

[Audio] GoldLink – “Dance On Me” [Prod: Milo Mills & Hasta]


The Washington D.C native and recently awarded XXL Freshman Class member GoldLink is back with a new track “Dance On Me”. Having become an underground success because of his latest project The God Complex and with the help of upcoming talented producers Sango, Kaytranada, and Lakim, GoldLink has paved his own way in the industry and persists to hone his sound.

Produced by Milo Mills and Hasta, the soulful, electronic, hyper, and  dance oriented hip hop continues with the sample “I Wanna Sex You Up” from 90’s R&B group Color Me Badd.  The 1991 hit single provides a versatile basis for both producers to increase the tempo, add drum kicks, and create the signature bounce GoldLink naturally flows over. Discussing his affection for his new girl, the young rapper also describes his sudden changes to fame and the new experiences that come along with it.

“Dance On Me” is a good display of his (what sounds to be his effortless ADHD vocal performance) recognizable rap flow and is a track perfect for while we wait for new music. As he tours the world and gains more popularity the pressure my intensify. However on this track GoldLink seems to give a sense of reassurance that exceeding expectations has and will not phase him.

Starting another world tour and potentially working with legendary producer Rick Rubin on his next album, GoldLink is quickly on his way to becoming a household name and is garnering a mass interest on whats to come.

[Audio] Yours Truly, T.Y. ft. Rich Kidd- “Do It” (Prod. Chef Byer)

Yours Truly, T.Y.
, an artist hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, teams up with a Toronto staple Rich Kidd on their new track “Do It“. Produced by longtime collaborator Chef Byer, the tune brings much to the table in terms of musical elements, and acts as a head snapping track complete with a melodic aspect. As T.Y.’s final single before his newest EP “The Beautiful Exchange” dropping on July 14th, you can bet this is a track you’ll want to hear.

T.Y. impressed us not too long ago with his single “1991“, and now graces us with another release. Teaming up with Chef Byer, the talented music producer and audio engineer helped the overall feel of the track, as the two display strong musical chemistry, working together on numerous tracks such as: “1991”, “Hometown Hero“, & “Hands are Tied“. Chef Byer has also worked with artists such as: Ryan Leslie, SonReal, Kardinal Offishall, & Maino, among others. Rich Kidd has been relatively quiet lately, though landing a Juno winning artist on your track is a big feat in itself.

The track starts off with a strong synth which acts to intrigue the listener, while the piano chords, and a powerful hook are put into place. Before long T.Y. jumps in with his melodic take on the track, combined with his confident lyrics that hold a motivational feel for listeners of all types. Shortly after, we are hit with the catchy chorus courtesy of T.Y., which also serves as the introduction to Rich Kidd’s verse who demonstrates his gritty street feel, which sounds great over a production such as this. The production itself is also quite impressive, brought to us by Chef Byer, the production involves a bassline that keeps the listener’s head bopping, while it works in conjunction with the previously mentioned piano chords, and power synth.

“This song means a lot to me because it expresses why I do what I do”
“There’s a lot of people on my team. If I fail, we’re all fucked.”
- T.Y. to Complex

After hearing T.Y.’s latest offering, personally I am really excited to hear “The Beautiful Exchange” on July 14th, and can’t wait to check out what he’s cooking up for his fans. What do you think of the track? Do you want to hear anymore Chef Byer, or Rich Kidd collaborations on the EP? Let us know in the comments section.

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