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[Audio] 11.xi – “1 AM” (Prod: 11.xi)


Emerging R&B artist 11.Xi, from Toronto – just dropped a tune for that late night vibe, that 1 AM sh*t. When she hits you late night, looking to chill. Produced by himself, the slow vibe is one you can relax to, pour up a drink and see where the night goes. Vibe out with 11.xi into the early morning, the night is still young at 1 AM.

[Audio] Plus Mo – “For The Taking”

plus mo

Toronto’s own, Plus Mo goes in on a new track, “For The Taking”. This switches things up from “All We Wanna Do (Party Tonight)” just a bit, but shows the versatility as an artist. The big homie Plus Mo gets deep on “For The Taking”. This game is for the taking, take a listen to who’s about to come out on top.

[Audio] Shad – “Hang On” (Prod: DJ T.Lo)

hang on

As you know, Shad an his DJ, DJ T.Lo have been working on a project together called Boarding Pass. Something they came up with together while on tour promoting Shad’s latest album Flying Colours. A five song EP entirely produced by DJ T.Lo with Shad doing what Shad does best, dropping knowledge on the mic. “Hang On” is a gem that is by far one of the best songs I’ve heard all month. Shad touches on some topics like today’s music scene with lines like “maybe they ain’t playing too much music on Much Music because there ain’t too much music out here with much to it. When the music plays we ain’t saying too much through it, we just after the ads. We just do it.” It doesn’t end there though, Shad is known for substance in his music and there is no lack of that on “Hang On”. I won’t say too much though, I’ll just let the music speak for itself.

[Audio] Rich Noir – “The Silence” (Prod: Zlender)


Following “Get Rich” and “Setting Up To Lose”, London’s own Rich Noir (a.k.a Richie Blackz) hits us with another tune – quoting Rich himself “This song comes from a very honest place and as I grow as an artist I’m not afraid to speak about my weaknesses and express my views on life through my music. I’ve decided to release a bunch of my unreleased songs for free over the next couple months before I drop my full project. Hope Y’all Enjoy”. Wise words from a true emcee. Right off the jump, you can see Rich isn’t your typical artist. “Heaven sent, a goddess descendant. You’re like a basquiat piece mixed with a rarest rembrandt. I know that, it seems intriguing what I do, you intrigue me too. Differences aside baby I f*ck with you, it’s comfortable.” Rich gets deep on this one speaking on his feelings for a women and how silence is key in relationships, each one without a need to share their personal lives with the world. At the end of the day, it’s only them. And that’s all it ever need be.

I’m excited to hear what Rich is going to hit us with next, there’s been talk of a new EP for a minute now and with tunes coming out like “The Silence” and the previous two releases, you know it can’t be far off. Since today is the first day we got to see some snowfall in southern Ontario, you know your in that chill mood, sitting inside with a warm drink, relaxed. This is that tune to bump. The producer Zlender creates such a mellow vibe with the production, giving it a jazzy feel. Sometimes the simplest instrumentals give the best feels. Rich and Zlender have done work together before, “The Silence” proves they make a good team when it comes to making records.

[Audio] Rich Noir ft. Hardbody – “Get Rich” (Prod: Sean White)

Get Rich

It’s a North Side Monarchy thing. London’s pride and joy Rich Noir drops a new tune that has everyone going crazy!
“Get Rich” – I’ve had the pleasure of hearing a few times before it dropped and I was patiently awaiting it’s release. We can all now share that experience I had when listening to it for the first time. Teaming up with Hardbody who just put out his project Thr33 Monkeys – Rich tells you exactly why he isn’t going anywhere any time soon. “Really copped an E320, put 30 in the safe, tell me what these pu**y n***** going to say”. Facts. I’m stoked to see what is next for the London emcee, for now get your Monday night turn up on with “Get Rich”. If you’re feeling the same way, let me know why in the comments. You can also download this banger for FREE. Everyone loves free music.

[Audio] Kendrick Lamar – ” i ” (Prod: Rahki)

k dot

After a major uproar on the internet the past week, the time has finally come. Top Dawg Entertainment’s Kendrick Lamar – as promised has released the first single off his album due out this year. TDE said six albums, and they followed through. Taking a look at the cover art, you can interpret many different meaning to what the song would be about, though I don’t think anyone expected this. “I LOVE MYSELF!” rings the hooks, and this is such a feel good tune. Though Kendrick doesn’t slack on leaving his message in there. Let me know what you think about it, were you happy or disappointed in the tune after the wait? Think about it…

[Audio] Sikai – “D.R.U.G.S. In America” (Prod: Treadway)


Yes Yes Ya’ll. It’s like that ya’ll! The homie Sikai is gearing up to drop the next installment of the Painkilling series, D.R.U.G.S. in America and the first tune, “D.R.U.G.S. In America” is out! Produced by Treadway, this ambient, slow trip sets the tone for what is to be an all-time high release – a great project if that went over your head. I won’t say a whole lot. I’d just say roll one up, or whatever your preference is do that, because this one will take you to the next level. I’ve been meaning to link with Sikai for an interview for some time now, since “The Vibes” dropped actually. When we do, you can expect something epic. Til then, hear all about the “D.R.U.G.S. in America”.

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