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[Audio] Tona ft. Kayo – “Ol Time Sake” (Prod: Slot-A)

Tona - Ol Time Sake

Here’s one to bump while the last days of summer come to an end. Tona teams up with Kayo and Chicago producer Slot-A for “Ol Time Sake,” a one-off single ahead of his upcoming album Carpe Diem. Slot-A sets the scene with a futuristic pitched-up soul vibe over some banging drums. As usual, Tona does his thing: precise flow, impeccable delivery. Kayo’s technical progression continues to shine through here too — it’ll be long past due when his official Black Box album eventually drops. Stream and download “Ol Time Sake” below and stay tuned for Tona’s album, set to drop in mid-September.

[Audio] Staalin – “Grand Entrance”


Lets see how much of an impact Toronto hip-hop has been on you because lets face it, there are dudes who have put in the ground work, fighting to make Toronto the scene it is today. Me growing up, I was adapt to dudes like Staalin, Tona, Mayhem, JD Era, Rich Kidd, Sese, Drake etc etc. The list could go on. If you know me, I usually only bump Canadian artists wherever. With Iron Kurtain 3: Man of Steel on the way, Staalin drops “Grand Entrance”, the introduction to the project.

This controversial – lyrical assault, seemingly targets several rappers in Staalin’s native town of Toronto, leaving many people asking; who will be next on his hit list?

[Audio] T.Y. – “Never Wanna Work Again”


#TYTuesdays continued yesterday via our friends over at Hip Hop Canada, this time around T.Y. remixes a classic song from The Roots – “You Got Me” featuring Eryka Bahdu and Eve. As a follow up of “91 to Infinity”, it only gets better. “Never Wanna Work Again” is one where T.Y. speaks about the grind of trying to make it, having no time with work, recording, relationships etc. It’s tough out here, though hard work and dedication goes a long way. Check out “Never Wanna Work Again” as we prep for his upcoming project, and stay tuned for next week! It’s the icing on the cake.

[Audio] T.Y. – “91′ to Infinity”

91 to Infinity Final

Last time we heard from T.Y. it was when he dropped two big tunes in one day, “Brooklyn Way” and “Let Me Ask You”. Building up momentum as we await this highly anticipated project from him and Chef Byer, T.Y. decided to go in on some classic instrumentals, which definitely got some heads turning. Kicking off #TYTuesdays with a premiere from our friends over at Hip Hop Canada, T.Y. let loose “91′ to Infinity”. A rendition of the classic Souls of Mischief track, “93′ to Infinity”. Now you could be on the fence about it, as some people dislike when classic instrumentals are touched, though when you add someone like T.Y. to the equation, how could you dislike it? The soul, content, mixed in with the overall passion; you know it’s going to come out as something even the ones who created the original track could appreciate. “91′ to Infinity” is one where T.Y. lets the women in his life know, that through the struggles of trying to make it and perfect his craft, sometimes there isn’t always time to be together as much as they’d like.

Lines like “man I’ve been wearing the same t-shirt for six months. I just told my one boss I quit. I’m fed up. Man I’m focused on the bigger picture, I’m painting it with brush strokes of genius. Never running out of brushes to dream with. It’s seamless the way I rip stitches like a seamstress. God damn, I’m going over ya’ll heads with this” show you just where the skills are at. Take in the first of three, “91′ to Infinity” and stay tuned for next weeks drop. I know everyone can relate in a way. If you’re out chasing your dreams especially. Get to know T.Y. a bit more in our recent interview as well. Let me know your thoughts afterwards on T.Y.’s remix to “93′ to Infinity”, because I say other than the original, no one can touch this beat like he did.

[Audio] Luu Breeze – “We Gon’ Get It” (Prod: Zepfire)

Luu Breeze - We Gon Get It

Remember What You Said. Luu Breeze has something epic on the way and we’ve been getting some insight on just how epic it’s going to be. Adding to the mix, Luu Breeze screams out “We Gon’ Get It”, in his latest track produced by Zepfire. There’s not a record Luu Breeze can’t make something classic out of, so I’m excited to see what comes next. For now, lets keep our goals in mind because “We Gon’ Get It”.

[Audio] ELMNT – “More Than Ever” (Prod: !llmind)

More Than Ever

ELMNT has been on his grind out in Europe for the past while – we miss you out here in Canada! – though in order to achieve what you want in this life, sometimes you have to exit your comfort zone and just go. I don’t have to say much about this tune, ELMNT says all that need be said in the artwork. This one’s a big tune! Take in “More Than Ever” after some words from ELMNT.

Been a dope summer, still in Europe, tryna build, not as easy as I thought it would be, not that I thought it would ever be a walk in the park, but it’s brought me that much closer to my art, and I’m humbled / excited to see where things go from here. Still don’t expect shit, here’s another one to show you how much I care about this hip hop shit, I honestly appreciate every single listener to the max.


[Audio] DillanPonders – “Just For You”


The Boy Who Lived is due out Wednesday! Holding us off until then, DillanPonders hits us with “Just For You”, following up after “SMCG/Swallow”. The turn up is inevitable, the buzz is high, the central nervous system is pulsing waiting on DillanPonders sophomore album. Let “Just For You” take you to higher ground, to help end your search for that perfect sense of euphoria.

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