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[Audio] GoldLink Feat. Louie Lastic – “Movin’ On”


Coming off his best track to date “Dance On Me” GoldLink continues his streak and is quickly becoming on of the most interesting artists in the genre. Teaming with fellow DMV producer Louie Lastic, GoldLink’s latest upbeat infectious track “Movin’ On” is something too really to note. In such a short time span, he has shown more progress and potential to become more than an underground cult rapper. A little bit before his time GoldLink could very well be the future of Hip Hop.

Building a repertoire that will soon have legendary producer Rick Rubin, his first official studio album is gearing up to reach critical acclaim. Especially if these one off singles are album cuts. Of course, a lot of credit must be given to his frequent collaborator Louie Lastic. Sampling Tupac’s “I Get Around” the instrumental on “Movin’ On”, takes funky twist and turns to then land gracefully on a 90’s R&B inspired chorus.

Not exactly credited for inventing this subgenre of Hip Hop, however GoldLink deserves credit for elevating and giving Beat Culture the exposure it earned. He has now become the face of this modern take on Jazz and boldly paving its path.

[Audio] K. Forest – “Season Recline” [Prod. dF & K. Forest]


With the successful release of his last track “Reason”, K. Forest is now ready to release his first single “Season Recline” from his upcoming debut project Introversion.

For those unfamiliar with K. Forest, he is a singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer. Born and raised in Brampton, Ontario, K. Forest has always had a passion for music. Being influenced by Tupac, Freddie Gibbs, OVO, Disclosure, SWV, Charlie Wilson, Rochelle Jordan, 80’s production and pop culture, his style is completely original and innovative. This has really been in effect since recently meeting his go to producer dF. The two have now created chemistry and are able to create multiple songs in just one session.

One track that really set the bar high was “Season Recline”. Inspired by 80’s synths and love songs, K. Forest sets the mood with glossy abstract lead synth backed with a reverb effected kick and sharp high hats. His combination of 80’s sounds and modern Hip Hop provide a platform for multiple flows, melodies, and the emotion to express his personal lyrics.

Speaking on the change of seasons that then lead to the change of heart, “Season Recline” relates to all the people who have experienced a winter fling to then being let go when the weather warms up in the summer.

Arriving on Soundcloud Friday August 28th, expect more quality R&B from K Forest’s debut EP Introversion. 

[Audio] A$AP Twelvy Feat. Emillz – “Heaven Can Wait” [A$AP P On The Boards]


A$AP Mob member A$AP Twelvy releases a vault gem “Heaven Can Wait”. Ending on a high note in 2014 then having a number of tragic events and scrapped projects the A$AP Mob have been having an unusual year in what seems to be a historical one for the genre.

However, after facing some much adversity they are slowly building themselves for the ground up and finishing what A$AP Yams set out to accomplish. Having been featured and introduced on A$AP Rocky’s classic mixtape Live.Love.A$AP, Twevly has garned his own cult fan base and is expected to make an impact with his debut mixtape that has currently no release date or title.

Releasing tracks here and there, Twelvy surprises his fans with quality one off tracks and “Heaven Can Wait” is no exception. Produced by A$AP P On The Boards, the instrumental takes a classic Cool Jazz inspired sample reminiscent of 90’s Jazz Rap then interpreted into modern day Conscious Rap. A formula once used to elevate Rocky’s career to the mainstream, Now Twelvy will take his shot at it and so far he’s well. The production and his vocals along with his lyrics, create a great fit. His grit, realness, and vocal performance, provide a cohesive sound that may potentially be the direction for his debut.

With the closing of the third quarter, the A$AP members beside Rocky may still impact this fruitful Hip Hop year. Along with Twelvy, A$AP Nast and Ferg are expected to release projects by the end of the year.        

[Audio] Bryson Tiller – “Just Another Interlude” [Prod. J. Louis]


Having his music receive millions of views, getting a cosign from Drake, and a hit song “Don’t” , Bryson Tiller has hit the ground running and is an artist to watch. Recently Bryson announced the release date to his highly anticipated debut album Trap Soul and released his first official single “Just Another Interlude”. Produced by Soulection producer J. Louis, the interlude is a prime example of what Trap Soul is.

Combining dark ambient pads with heavy 808s, sharp high hats, and emotionally charged vocals,  “Just Another interlude” embodies the future soul movement that is being developed. Whether he’s going to stay independent or sign with a major label, what is for sure is Bryson Tiller has the potential of breaking into superstardom very soon.

[Audio] Sango – “Don’t Love You Like I Do” [Sango Right Hand Remix]


Since Beat Culture has grown into a prominent movement in North America, there have been a handful of producers that have really separated themselves from the pack. One in particular, is Seattle born Sango. Having made a name for himself with an array of eclectic instrumental mixtapes, Sango has worked his way to an undisclosed OVO contract. With Drake backing him, Sango has capitalized on their exclusive catalogue to create incredible remixes and edits.

Most recent, is a remix of an unreleased Drake track called “Right Hand”. Sango takes the already heavy sinister song and brings it to another level. Slowing down the pitch, emphasizing the synthesizer, adding sub bass, and bright high hats, Sango uses his signature sounds and techniques to give the month old track a fresh look.

Giving overplayed music a second life could be the reason why beat culture has risen from the underground. Accomplishing a good remix is rare skill that means a lot to avid music listeners and adds another invaluable attribute to the people behind the scenes that don’t get the recognition they deserve.

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