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[Audio] Sikai – “D.R.U.G.S. In America” (Prod: Treadway)


Yes Yes Ya’ll. It’s like that ya’ll! The homie Sikai is gearing up to drop the next installment of the Painkilling series, D.R.U.G.S. in America and the first tune, “D.R.U.G.S. In America” is out! Produced by Treadway, this ambient, slow trip sets the tone for what is to be an all-time high release – a great project if that went over your head. I won’t say a whole lot. I’d just say roll one up, or whatever your preference is do that, because this one will take you to the next level. I’ve been meaning to link with Sikai for an interview for some time now, since “The Vibes” dropped actually. When we do, you can expect something epic. Til then, hear all about the “D.R.U.G.S. in America”.

[Audio] T.Y. ft. Bo$quiat Clique – “As We Know It” (Prod: Beau & T.Y.)

as we know i

Yesterday was #TYTuesday if you didn’t know. Last week, breaking from the plan T.Y. let go an original production featuring Bo$quiat Clique called “Hate”. This one showed just how well they all work together in a studio environment. Music isn’t always something you need to be serious with, some of the best songs come from just messing around. This week, T.Y. teamed up with Bo$quiat Clique again for “As We Know It” produced by Beau and T.Y. himself (I’ll bet you didn’t know T.Y. dabbles with production did you?) – The sample flipped in this one repeats one word – Everyday – and these guys take that to tell some things that they love to do, don’t do, or wish they could do everyday. Me, I wish I could hear tunes like this everyday. Take in “As We Know It” from T.Y. and let me know your thoughts.

[Audio Premiere + Interview] TassNata ft. Junia-T & Iman Omari – “For The Summer” (Prod: Snazz)

for the summer

I mentioned the other day when TassNata dropped “Walking Away” that he had a new joint coming this week. That time has come. Before Mourning, an album TassNata has been secretly working on for the past while is near completion. Personally, I can be more excited. Which is why I’m happy to premiere this new tune and the first single off Before Mourning – “For The Summer” featuring Junia-T & Iman Omari. Produced by Snazz, this ode to summertime is one to cap off what was an amazing summer. For myself, TassNata, Junia-T, Iman Omari and without a doubt all of you! Though this isn’t your ordinary summer tune. This is a crack the bottle, vibe out kind of tune. “Summer nights I like a fire with the music loud. Rapping, I amuse the crowd, what happens as I move around”. This one is for the summer! We’ll probably party til the suns up! As the warm weather fades, this couldn’t be a more perfect joint to capture those last moments. Don’t take it all from me though, TassNata spoke on what his summer was like in LA with Junia-T, gave us an exclusive behind the scenes story from the video shoot for “For The Summer” and more! *There’s also some exclusive pictures from their time over there you can peep!*

Take a listen after the jump!

[Audio] TassNata – “Walking Away” (Prod: Ashby)

tassnata - walking away

While, it’s about that time. Since TassNata dropped A Mixtape In 48 Hours, he’s been silent on what is to come next. We seen him drop some bars on an amazing track with the Smash Bruvas the other day, and now he hits us with a quick freestyle he did earlier today while on the road. Quoting TassNata, “I just recorded one of my realest verses in here, but it’s not for my album”. This couldn’t be any truer.

“See I know the place I’m headed, but it changes by the second. Independent where I’m stepping, that could be the death of me to exit. Destiny, forget it. I don’t know if I believe in heaven. Channel 7 watch the news. All the evil shit we do.”

That right there is enough to show you how real this verse is. Looking for some peace of mind, TassNata takes a look at the world we live in and the unjust and evil things that go on everyday. Wishing to see away from that, because our children need to see the world for how beautiful it can be.

[Audio] Adria Kain- “Higher”


Adria Kain gives us a taste of what goes on in the depths of her mind with “Higher”. She speaks nostalgically on her experiences growing up in the suburbs of Burlington, ON. to moving into the city of Toronto, realizing that none of these places are really where she wants to be. Facing challenges and hard times along the way, Kain keeps us uplifted by reassuring us that regardless of what she goes through, her determination to succeed and make it higher is never ending. The song also keeps the mood high with its uptempo, rhythmic & trap like sounds. You can expect this song and more on Adria’s highly anticipated album entitled “Island In My Mind”, set to release later this fall.

Manifesto’s ongoing goal is to help support and develop well-rounded young artists in Toronto, and arm them with the tools to succeed. With this vision in mind, Manifesto developed a 4 class curriculum, entitled The Mentor Class Series, carried out over this past November, December & January. The classes took place in the basement of Manifesto’s office at 37 Bulwer St, and were a resounding success. Each class was moderated by David “Click” Cox, and included expert panelists like Illangelo, Rich Kidd, Skratch Bastid, Gaurav Sawhney, Katrina Lopes, Cameron Wright, and many more… From there we invited young artists who attended the classes to record at Dream House Studios and this month we will be showcasing some of the work recorded.

This music would not be possible without the support of Dave Plowman, Calvin Hartwick & Adrien Gough at Dream House Studios & ArtsVest.

[Audio] Tona ft. Kayo – “Ol Time Sake” (Prod: Slot-A)

Tona - Ol Time Sake

Here’s one to bump while the last days of summer come to an end. Tona teams up with Kayo and Chicago producer Slot-A for “Ol Time Sake,” a one-off single ahead of his upcoming album Carpe Diem. Slot-A sets the scene with a futuristic pitched-up soul vibe over some banging drums. As usual, Tona does his thing: precise flow, impeccable delivery. Kayo’s technical progression continues to shine through here too — it’ll be long past due when his official Black Box album eventually drops. Stream and download “Ol Time Sake” below and stay tuned for Tona’s album, set to drop in mid-September.

[Audio] Staalin – “Grand Entrance”


Lets see how much of an impact Toronto hip-hop has been on you because lets face it, there are dudes who have put in the ground work, fighting to make Toronto the scene it is today. Me growing up, I was adapt to dudes like Staalin, Tona, Mayhem, JD Era, Rich Kidd, Sese, Drake etc etc. The list could go on. If you know me, I usually only bump Canadian artists wherever. With Iron Kurtain 3: Man of Steel on the way, Staalin drops “Grand Entrance”, the introduction to the project.

This controversial – lyrical assault, seemingly targets several rappers in Staalin’s native town of Toronto, leaving many people asking; who will be next on his hit list?

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