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[Review] Flex The Antihero – “SALEM”


When taking in The Antiheroes it’s clear on any track that they never lack on expressing their opinion, whether the subject is the quality and integrity of music or something community based. Separately, as first experienced on Latex & Perfume ; you experience a more personal side of the two Toronto artist’s Sha Prince and Flex The Antihero. Announcing SALEM was on it’s way just before Sha Prince’s solo project, there was a built anticipation leading up to the first time we heard it. Hands down, once taking it in fully and hitting repeat dozens of times you could tell this is a body of work that you could not get bored listening to. Both SALEM and Latex & Perfume; they stand as a moment in time. First experiencing SALEM it’s seen as what it is, a great in-depth project that is an ode to where Flex grew up which reflects on his past, how he’s moved on pursuing his passion to create music and more. If you look at it for what it could be, it’s a moment in time you can look back to when artist’s like Flex further their success and really look at how far they’ve come.

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[Review] Childish Gambino – “Because the Internet”

Childish Gambino- Because the Internet
Hip-Hop fans have had a hard time accepting Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino as a creditable artist in the Hip-Hop industry. Creditability is an essential factor to fans of the genre, and Childish Gambino has his questioned constantly. After a series of mix tape releases, Gambino’s first studio album, Camp (2011), was met with mixed reviews. Though well received by critics, Hip-Hop purists refused to accept Gambino as an MC. Gambino’s follow up to Camp, was the 2012 mix tape, Royalty. In an attempt to appease naysayers, Royalty was filled with some of the hottest names in rap: Wu Tang Clans RZA & Ghost Face Killah, Danny Brown, Nipsy Hussle, School-boy Q- and the list goes on. Royalty served as a preview of what Gambino could bring to the table among some of the most well renowned rappers in the game. Moving onward form Royalty, it was evident that Childish Gambino made drastic improvements lyrically, and his confidence on the mic seemed to be at an all-time high.

From the attempts to define personal struggles in Camp, to the boastful swag raps heard in Royalty, the most consistent element in Gambino’s music is his search for an identity. Childish Gambino latest release Because the Internet, is the culmination of trial and error, growth and development and straight grinding- the end result is an artist coming into his own. Check out the full article after the Jump.

[Review] Sese – “Sayzor Ramone” EP

Ever since first coming across Sese’s music in my “Youtube Vortex” days; stumbling into the track “Iron Jaw Angel’s”, I was instantly a fan. Of course when you come across an artist that’s new to you, you have to go back and do your research, while in the midst of that I was constantly impressed with how dedicated he was to his craft. Dropping eleven videos in a row with G-Dot, the YFRWN series, a slew of remixes over some of the most popular instrumentals at the time, several other mixtapes and more! It still doesn’t cease – nor will it ever I believe. At the beginning of the year Sese released his first EP Age of Aquarius, which followed Aquarius Rising, not even a month after he announced another project he was working on, Sayzor Ramone.

Quoting the write up for Sayzor Ramone, “Channeling over the top charisma, brash lady’s man bravado and technical skills to put him a cut above the rest comes as second nature. The parallels between he and his favourite wrestler the WWF’s Rayzor Ramone character are endless on his new 8-Track offering aptly-titled, “Sayzor Ramone.” “I just [really] wanted to embody that charisma he had. He was all about the ladies and dressing the best, but on top of that he was a top competitor and his talent overshadowed his cocky bravado,” says Sese of his new collection. Giving fans and music lovers a high energy ringside like experience is heard throughout the offering. “I just wanted to make a cohesive project. I wanted it to be high energy, and it to embody that feeling of stepping into the ring, the crowd, the lights, the theme. I wanted it to feel very over the top… No Royale Rumble.” Boasting a mix of some frequent collaborators, and the introduction to some new sound masters, “Sayzor Ramone” flows from top to bottom. With features from Luu Breeze and Hardbody. And, production from Jayze, 2oolman, Superville, The Workx and UTVMG in-house producer Jmakbeatz the sounds are bass heavy and high impact.”

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[Review] Chance The Rapper Social Experiment Tour Nov 4, 2013

Chance The Rapper Social Experiment Toronto

It’s only been an unbelievable three months since Chance The Rapper headlined his first show at The Hoxton. It wasn’t a big surprise hearing the show was sold out considering  Acid Rap was arguably the mixtape of the summer if not the year. This past Monday Chance made an appearance in Toronto as part of his “Social Experiment” North American tour featuring guests DJ Rashad & Spinn. Chants were shouted impatiently after DJ Rashad took a final swing of his beer and left the stage along with a good impression. Meanwhile the sound crew took over the stage unintentionally provoking annoyance that could have been avoided for a smoother transition.

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[Review] Shad – “Flying Colours”

It’s been three years since Shad’s last full-length offering (2010′s TSOL), and Shad’s had plenty of things in the meantime to write about. From winning a Juno Award to completing his Master’s Degree, this is the first time in Shad’s career that he’s found himself with a certain level of expectations and nothing to focus on but the music. It’s a challenging position for any artist to be in: how do you top your previous work if it won Best Rap Album – beating Drake, no less? In the midst of this situation, Shad responds with Flying Colours, a twelve-track offering that may very well be his most brilliant, thoughtful work yet. We were fortunate enough to get an advanced listen of Flying Colours and really take it in over the past several weeks. Read the track-by-track review after the jump and pick up Flying Colours on October 15th.

[Review] Larry Fisherman Tour ft Mac Miller, The Closers, The Come Up @ UWO (London)

Mac Miller, Sonreal and Rich Kidd, Come Up Boys @ UWO

Courtesy of the Social Science Student Council, the University of Western Ontario’s Mustang Lounge on January 10 was host to the first stop of Mac Miller’s Larry Fisherman tour with guests The Come Up, Rich Kidd and SonReal.  Virtually selling out as quickly as announced with just over 1,100 confirmed on facebook, which isn’t surprising.  The following Mac Miller has created for himself since emerging practically out of nowhere back in ‘09 is literally devouring, with fans from “hipsters”, party go’ers and hip hop heads alike.  Comparing himself to a modern “ A Tribe Called Quest mixed with The Doors”, Mac Miller has a very humble attitude, stating himself he still has a lot to learn.  Being the first indie act in over a decade to have a number one album, selling out at every venue from his first tour to present day, there is no telling what lies ahead in the near future for the young Pittsburgh artist. Hit the jump to read the full review!

[Review] SonReal & Rich Kidd “The Closers” November 30th @ Outback Shack (London)

The Closers, TreeTop, Haviah Mighty, Pocket City Nov 30 @ Outback Shack (London)

Have you ever heard someone say there is a lot of talent in this room? Well that phrase
could definitely be applied to Friday’s event at Fanshawe College’s The Outback Shack’s
“New Music Night” Head lined by SonReal and Rich Kidd, who have been touring to various cities acrossCanada promoting their new LP The Closers since it came out October 16th, London was host to their second last stop before wrapping up the tour in Toronto at the Rivoli.

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[Review] The Heist Tour w/ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis November 23rd 2012 @ The Sound Academy (Toronto)

On Friday November 23rd, Seattle emcee Macklemore made his way to the Sound Academy in Toronto to perform in front of a sold out crowd as a part of his Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Heist Tour. For Macklemore, 2012 has been a great year; he released his album The Heist independently to critical and commercial acclaim. During its first week on sale the album hit number one on the iTunes Charts and number two on the Billboard Hot 200 Charts. His videos for the singles “Thrift Shop” and “Same Love” have over 7 million views on YouTube and everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to GQ magazine to Rolling Stone have jumped on the Macklemore bandwagon.

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[News] Who wants to review The 2050 Concert featuring Wiz Khalifa?

This Sunday October 21, “The 2050 Tour” touches down in London, Ontario at the Budweiser Gardens featuring artists Wiz Khalifa & Taylor Gang. Juicy J, Chevy Woods, Lola Monroe, Tuki Carter and Berner. Usually we just assign this review to a member of The Come Up Show team but we want to give a chance to passionate fans of Wiz and company to be able to attend the full concert and write a great review about this concert. No formal experience is necessary but you do have to be confident in your writing ability. Take a look at our past concert reviews and see if you got the chops to do so. You will get direction from us on how to write a great review and what to look for but we aren’t your grammar teachers!

Valid Legal ID. You don’t need to be 19+.
Must be able to attend concert from 6pm-10pm.
Acceptable writing skill and experience.
Send an example of your writing. Essay, Short story, review etc to chedo(at)thecomeupshow(dot)com
Deadline to submit Thursday October 18 5pm ET.

[Review] SonReal & Rich Kidd – “The Closers” (Full Stream)

Over the summer, SonReal and Rich Kidd announced they would be collaborating on an EP to be released through Black Box. After hitting the studio in Toronto and Los Angeles, the duo’s catalog grew from an EP into a full-blown album titled The Closers, which is being released this Tuesday, October 16th. The Closers is an infectious album, combining SonReal’s talent for crafting hooks with Rich Kidd’s production talents – not to mention each artists’ strength on the mic. Ever since collaborating on SonReal’s “Already There”, their chemistry on a record has been evident, and steadily improving. On The Closers, they mesh together perfectly.

Stream “Best Believe” below, and hit the skip to read the track-by-track breakdown (streams included).

[Review] Phife Dawg Concert @ Apk Live Feb 16 (London)

The Phife Dawg concert at Alex P. Keaton (APK) Live on Thursday, February 16 was quite a special affair, as it was Phife Dawg’s first show in London, Ontario. In addition, there was a strong line-up of South Western Ontario opening Hip-Hop acts, including Young Stunna, Soundminds, and Raz Fresco, who were backed up by highly respected local DJ, DJ Ruckus, who also recently DJ’ed for Raekwon at his concert on January 20th at the London Music Hall

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