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[Podcast] John River talks why this is his moment of truth and how not taking risks is the greatest risk of all

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What do you do when you reach the point of no return? That’s the place John River finds himself in right now. The 20-year-old Mississauga emcee has been working for three years on The Storm, a project he’s been touting ever since The Calm dropped in 2012. Now, the moment of truth is here.

The Storm is River’s call for attention. Weaving through drive and determination, the failings of education, race in North America, and the loss of a friend’s life in twelve songs, he’s very clear: he’s got a lot on his mind, and he’s ready for the world to hear.

We caught up with John River to talk about what it’s like being in that moment of truth, people’s fear of their potential, and how not taking risks is the greatest risk of all.

Listen to the podcast below and read the highlights after the jump.

[Podcast] Apollo Brown talks the importance of listening, not being put in others’ boxes, and finding inner motivation

Apollo Brown on The Come Up Show

Apollo Brown isn’t trying to re-invent the wheel. He’s not concerned with that. All that matters to the Mello Music Group producer is keeping the music he loves alive. It’s fitting, then, that his production setup still revolves around a desktop computer and an old copy of Cool Edit 2000. As Brown says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

It’s nothing short of remarkable that with all of the technological innovations of the past decade-and-a-half, the Detroit-based producer is making some of the best music in hip-hop on software most abandoned years ago. The recipe? Collaborating with artists in-person — which makes it all the more interesting that on his latest album, Grandeur, he forgoes his comfort zone and enlists his largest collaborating cast to date.

When not behind the boards, the Grand Rapids native is thoughtful and down-to-earth. We caught up with Apollo Brown to talk about the importance of listening, not being put in others’ boxes, finding inner motivation, and much more.

Listen to the podcast below and read the highlights after the jump.

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[Podcast] Locksmith talks overcoming self-doubt, race in America, and putting love first

Locksmith Podcast on The Come Up Show

Richmond, California emcee Locksmith has a lot to say. Half-Iranian, half-Black, and at one time, half of the rap group The Front Line, in many ways, he’s an embodiment of the American dream: the son of two parents from different backgrounds, looking for a better future for the next generation. A graduate of UC Berkeley, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in African-American studies. For years, he worked as a mentor to young kids. On the microphone, he sticks out just as much. He was a finalist in MTV’s 2003 MC Freestyle Championship. He hasn’t written a verse down in 15 years.

He’s also had his share of hardships. As a kid, he was picked on for his mixed-race heritage (see “Backpack”). He was sexually abused (see “Hardest Song Ever”). After exorcizing those demons on A Thousand Cuts and reminiscing on his neighbourhood on The Green Box, Lofty Goals is all about looking ahead and striving for more. It’s about overcoming self-doubt. It’s about letting go of pride.

We caught up with Locksmith to talk about insecurity, race in America, putting love first, and much more. Listen to the podcast below and read the highlights after the jump.

[Interview] Kehlani explains why she deleted her twitter and how yes men can be your downfall

Oakland and the Bay area are experiencing a Hip Hop resurgence. Breakout artists like G-Eazy, HBK Gang, Main Attrakionz and Overdoz have helped bring back the spotlight. However there’s one artist thats not only breaking in Oakland but internationally. At 20 years old, R&B/Pop artist Kehlani is on her way to superstardom. Her down to earth personality, compassion for her fans, and positive attitude have helped her push for that rare cult fan following. And trust me, four hours before the doors opened I witnessed a line up of at least one hundred die hard fans awaiting for the show and when Kehlani gave them a surprise visit, it was complete pandemonium. Shortly after, we got a chance to sit down with Kehlani read the full interview after the jump.

[Interview] D.O. Gibson talks motivation, the music business, and the meaning of life

It’s hard to outwork D.O. From his efforts as a solo artist (he just released his self-titled fifth album), to his work with Slakah the Beatchild as Art of Fresh, to his self-started business of speaking at schools, to his management and mentorship of artists through Northstarr Entertainment, the motor never really stops running. There’s a reason, after all, that he earned a Guinness World Record for freestyling for eight hours and 45 minutes — normal people don’t do this.

With such a depth of experience, there’s a wealth of knowledge to be learned from the emcee and businessman. We caught up with D.O. to talk about what motivates him, the music business, the meaning of life, and much more.

Listen to the podcast above and read the highlights after the jump.

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