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[Video] The Juno Awards 2015: Hip-Hop was in the building

2015 JUNO Awards

I am proud to present our coverage of the Juno Awards 2015 in Hamilton, Ontario. The award categories of interest were the Rap and R&B/Soul Recording of The Year. The Weeknd won the latter category but he wasn’t present at the Awards Gala, yo Abel holla at me! I am excited as are plenty of people that the Naturally Born Strangers won Rap Recording of the year. Check out the video which features Adam Bomb, Tona, Tre Mission, JRDN, Muneshine, and SonReal.  I’d love to know what you think of our coverage and let me know how you feel that NBS won the Rap Recording of the year.

I recommend listening to the podcast which is a whole different presentation on its own, you’ll find the behind the scenes action, funny interviews and clips that didn’t make the video.

[Interview] A-Game: This Canadian Industry will have you second guessing yourself

agame artwork

While they were on tour across Canada, we caught up with A-Game, two individuals that happen to be twin brothers. Having something the industry does not have, they give valuable advice on how to take your hustle and apply it south of the border, their beginnings as producers, Drake recognition and wanting to see a lot more unity in the Canadian scene because as they say, this Canadian industry will have you second guessing yourself.

Hit the jump to read more about our podcast with Toronto’s own, A-Game.

[Interview] No Malice of The Clipse: I don’t think it’s the listener’s duty to separate real from the fake

no malice podcast art

I had a interview scheduled to happen this past weekend and circumstances changed and I was left with no guest. I was going through my laptop to see if there anything I could release and I found my interview Malice one half of The Clipse, who now goes by No Malice.

I originally planned to release the phone interview as a video that would accompany The Clipse music videos and pictures; the video footage was corrupted and I the interview was forgotten about in the shuffle.

When I uploaded the interview to soundcloud it was 12:15pm and the date today is Wednesday March 4, 2015. I wanted to find out exactly when this interview happened, I went through 3 email accounts and I finally found it Wednesday March 3rd, 2010 at 12:15pm. EXACTLY five years and one day have passed, I don’t think its a coincidence and I think this is supposed to happen. Without further ado, I present my interview with No Malice, where he tells me how to separate the real from the fake, how he was a part of the ignorance and foolishness of Hip-Hop, and so much more.

Please hit the jump to read the full article and more about this interview.

[Interview] Saba shares on what is unifying Chicago artists, how “Notorious Thugs” inspired him to rap, and why first day of high school was weird

It’s funny how I first discovered Saba, when I was going through the year lists for 2014, I noticed a project coming up more than a few times. Saba’s mixtape ComfortZone on more than few blogs and I decided to download it.  I don’t know if this happens to you, when you download a great deal of new of new it might take you some time to get around to it and that’s what happened with this mixtape. A few weeks later, I get an email from Martin who is part of The Come Up Show team, and he introduced me to Saba’s manager via email. Saba is going to be in Toronto in May to play Canadian Music Week and they wanted to get exposure before they came down to the city.

I’m happy to present my interview with Saba, I caught up with him in his Chicago home while he was cooking chicken tenders. He tells me the one song he heard by Bone Thugs that inspired him to want to be a rapper, why his first day of high school was hella weird and you might notice Chicago music scene is on fire right now, Saba shares breaks it down why that is.

Peep the full post to read the highlight points of the interview.

[Interview] Quake talks new album Rap Music, getting shouted out by Drake, and things happening for a reason

I apologize if you were missed us last Wednesday when a new episode was supposed to be released but I experienced technical issues. So as a thank you, I’m releasing a double dose of The Come Up Show Podcast. This episode features Quake Matthews and make sure to check out our 2nd episode with Chicago emcee Saba.

Quake Matthews flew down from Halifax to Toronto to support the King of The Dot Blackout 5 and his homie Pat Stay who was battling against Charrone. We talked about the shoutout Quake got from Drake, the fourth studio album Rap Music, the story of how his producer and drummer got signed to Waka Flocka, and so much more. Enjoy!

Peep the full article to see the video of Drake shouting out Quake Matthews and to view the highlight points of the interview.

[Interview] DeJ Loaf shares what she learned from the success of “Try Me” and why you should quit your day job

DeJ Loaf

Hailing out of Detroit, Michigan, DeJ Loaf released a mixtape titled Just do It in 2012 that encompasses the struggles she went through in college. Balancing school and music she dropped out of school to pursue the latter while working as a custodian at the Chrysler Factory. In a funk she quit her job and she was seriously contemplating if music was her calling, then one day while shopping in a mall these girls were giving her a dirty look and that’s when she decided to go home and record the song “Try Me”. Her only goal was to hit 5000 listens, if the song didn’t she was going to upload another song until something caught on. After a few youtube and Instagram posts “Try Me” went viral. Artists like Wiz Khalifa wanted to do a remix, “6” God Drake posted a lyric from the song on Instagram and the rest as they say is history.

I caught up with DeJ Loaf to talk about what kept her going when she was struggling, what she learned from her hit single “Try Me”, what she would have done if it didn’t succeed, why you should quit your day job, and so much more. Comment below on your favourite part of our interview with DeJ Loaf.

Peep the photography of the event after the jump.

[Podcast] TassNata talks working with Danny Brown, stealing first Rap tape and musical influence by his father

“My Dad used to take an hour sometimes just to play one song since he’d pause it so many times to explain what it meant, I was like 6 haha from that collection some of the biggest influences came from artists such as Bob Marley, The doors, Nina Simone, & bluesmen like BB King, and John Lee Hooker.” TassNata.

His father only age 21 when TassNata (Justin Nerling) was born, his pops was an avid music collector and audio engineer turned carpenter to better support the family.

TassNata first project Between Planets released in 2011, garnered attention internationally and featured singles with elZHi of Slum Village, Black Milk, DL Incognito, and SonReal. Since then, Tass has released two mixtape projects which brings us to his newest EP Before Mourning which features singles with friends such as Danny Brown, Andreena Mill, SonReal, Rich Kidd, & JD Era. We caught with TassNata to discuss what the significance the title Before Mourning means, how he connected with Danny Brown, how he treats everyday like its his last and what his introduction to Hip-Hop was and much more.

Check out the excerpts of the interview after the jump and let me know what your first Hip Hop memory is.

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