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[Interview] SepTo talks consolidating his personal & rapper image into his new album “Almost NevR”

SepTO Almost NevR Artwork

Metaphorically, the album cover represents the death of a certain mentality, it’s the moment you stop caring and stop trying to present a very specific perspective. Almost NevR in a positive way means it’s we are almost manifested, we are almost tangible, but if you take the literal meaning, its this close to not existing, it’s hanging by a thread. It’s the conflict of, am I keep doing this? Is this rational? If you are listening to the album and you love it, keep in mind how close it is to never existing, that man in the cover hanging could have touched the world, and he is NevR going to give what he could have given you. SepTo

It was an honour to have a conversation with SepTo live on The Come Up Show. His album Almost NevR is out for free download and his celebration is this Friday August 29th at live at the Ballet. Our interview started off by talking about the value of connecting with people on a human to human connection. SepTo expanded on his strategy to promote the album in retrospect and why this was the first time he made Almost NevR album without thinking of the next project. I asked him about the meaning of songs  lyrics on Excursions, Dance Around my Brain, Last Night, Father and had him expand on his opinion pieces he wrote below.

An excerpt of SepTo’s article on Social Media and Real Shit
Today, with the help of social media, we have defined happiness and success in tangible items. You are only as accomplished as what you post. Your satisfaction with your life is determined by what you have allowed others to think of your life.

SepTo’s article on Your Health and Corporate profit
Approach the most available food with the most caution. The companies we are allowing the responsibility of providing us with our sustenance are not concerned with our health and are not here for any other mutual benefit than to have you willingly purchase their goods. My belly is full from McDonald’s and they obeyed the regulatory minimum amount of sawdust allowed in my burger. My can of CocaCola is exhilarating my taste buds and they have kept the amount of sugar within that can just short of an immediately lethal amount. Win/Win, right?

Watch this and so much more in our hour long conversation with SepTo and come out to the show this Friday and download the album Almost NevR. Let me know what you thought of the interview in the comment section below.

[Podcast] #ThrowBackThursday – Sean Price

Sean Price Podcast on The Come Up Show

It’s time for another episode of #ThrowBackThursdays on The Come Up Show Podcast. Last time around, we brought you Chedo’s interview with Big Sean. This time, we bring you our interview with Duck Down’s Sean Price. He talks to Chedo about everything from not caring about other people’s opinions, to working with Black Milk and Guilty Simpson, to retirement. Check out the podcast with Sean Price below, and if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

[Interview + Podcast] Eternia talks gratitude, being present in the moment, and life after hip-hop

Interview by: Martin Bauman

Who’s the most underrated artist in Canadian hip-hop? There are many, but Eternia would have to be among the forerunners. Bar for bar, she can rap better than just about anyone and hold her own with the very best in the game. She’s earned respect from the likes of DJ Premier and Pete Rock, and her 2010 album At Last with MoSS earned a Juno nomination as Rap Recording of the Year.

The funny thing is, as soon as the Ottawa emcee started earning the praise and recognition she was due, she decided to take a step back from hip-hop. With the exception of a few rare guest appearances and “Final Offering,” it’s been four years since Eternia has released any substantial work. Instead, she’s opted to pursue other passions — at least for now.

Needing to know whether we’d ever hear another Eternia album again, we reached out to her and spoke about the importance of gratitude, learning to be present in the moment, what life after hip-hop brings, and much more. Listen to the podcast above and read the interview after the jump.

[Podcast] #ThrowBackThursday – Big Sean

Big Sean Throwback Podcast on The Come Up Show

It’s time for another episode of #ThrowBackThursdays on The Come Up Show Podcast. Last time around, we brought you Chedo’s interview with Ab-Soul. This time, we bring you our interview with G.O.O.D Music’s own Big Sean. He talks to Chedo about everything from Kanye West’s significance to him, to coming up with his infamous adlib, to the pressure of creating a debut album. Check out the podcast with Big Sean below, and if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

[Interview + Podcast] Oddisee talks lessons learned in Khartoum, early influences, and defining success

Interview by: Martin Bauman

Who’s the most consistent artist in hip-hop these days? It’s a tough question, but Oddisee’s name has to be in the mix. Equally adept behind the boards and on the microphone, he very rarely disappoints when dropping new music. The Prince George’s County, Maryland-raised artist calls it releasing “quantity and quality,” and he’s got a case: in the past four years alone, he’s released Rock Creek Park, People Hear What They See, The Beauty in All, and Tangible Dream. Not a bad run, if you ask me.

Oddisee is more than just a solid musician, however. He’s a bright thinker, an observant and engaging lyricist, and one of the best examples of independent success you’ll find. Naturally, we had to pick his brain. We caught up with Oddisee to talk about lessons he learned spending summers in Khartoum, early musical influences, defining success, and much more.

Listen to the podcast above and read the interview after the jump.

[Podcast] Blacastan talks “Watson & Holmes”

Blacastan Podcast on The Come Up Show

We’ve got a special edition of The Come Up Show Podcast for y’all this week. One of our representatives, Bill Beamin, was in contact with Army of the Pharaohs’ own, Blacastan. The “rhyme master” himself is due to release a collaborative album with heavyweight Stu Bangas. As a duo, the team has taken to the aliases “Watson & Holmes,” which is also the name of their upcoming album, as well as the track to their first feature music video.

Listen in while Blacastan describes what got him into the culture, how he chose the name Blacastan, and much more. As one of the premier underground emcees in today’s Hip-Hop landscape, Blacastan is able to shed light on working with legends like Vinnie Paz and Celph Titled (who both feature on the lead single “Nubian Metal). However, more importantly, as a man who grew up where Hip-Hop began, Blac subtly sheds light on some of the unwritten rules in the game…

Pre-order Watson & Holmes here:

[Interview] Elcee talks “LeoSoul,” success, and personal growth

Elcee Interview on The Come Up Show

Interview by: Eternity Martis

When I first meet LaShawn Powell, also known by his stage name, Elcee, the first thing I notice is how surprisingly down-to-earth he is. I’d say I agree with rapper Earl Sweatshirt when he boils it down to Toronto rappers being “grandma nice”, but that couldn’t be the case. Born in Nova Scotia, and raised between Windsor and Toronto, Elcee’s graciousness is not a symptom of too-nice carebear T.O rappers, nor a facade- it’s an admirable, innate characteristic.

Elcee has been recoding music for the past few years, but it wasn’t until the release of his #SoundCloudSundays series that a true, dedicated artist was born. And what makes an artist true? One that has the courage to be forthright about his experiences, and has the desire to inspire the same bravery in others. He mixes Hip-Hop with R&B, Rap, and beats ranging from dreamy to bass-thumping, all without needing to justify or label himself.

Articulate, well-spoken, and composed, Elcee is careful about what he says and how he says it. He understands the fine line between narcissism and confidence, and that no success comes without struggle.

I sat down with Elcee to discuss music, success, and personal growth, as well as his upcoming project, LeoSoul, produced by Bonham and set to drop July 23rd.

Read the interview after the jump.

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