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[Interview + Podcast] Eternia talks gratitude, being present in the moment, and life after hip-hop

Interview by: Martin Bauman

Who’s the most underrated artist in Canadian hip-hop? There are many, but Eternia would have to be among the forerunners. Bar for bar, she can rap better than just about anyone and hold her own with the very best in the game. She’s earned respect from the likes of DJ Premier and Pete Rock, and her 2010 album At Last with MoSS earned a Juno nomination as Rap Recording of the Year.

The funny thing is, as soon as the Ottawa emcee started earning the praise and recognition she was due, she decided to take a step back from hip-hop. With the exception of a few rare guest appearances and “Final Offering,” it’s been four years since Eternia has released any substantial work. Instead, she’s opted to pursue other passions — at least for now.

Needing to know whether we’d ever hear another Eternia album again, we reached out to her and spoke about the importance of gratitude, learning to be present in the moment, what life after hip-hop brings, and much more. Listen to the podcast above and read the interview after the jump.

[Interview] Elcee talks “LeoSoul,” success, and personal growth

Elcee Interview on The Come Up Show

Interview by: Eternity Martis

When I first meet LaShawn Powell, also known by his stage name, Elcee, the first thing I notice is how surprisingly down-to-earth he is. I’d say I agree with rapper Earl Sweatshirt when he boils it down to Toronto rappers being “grandma nice”, but that couldn’t be the case. Born in Nova Scotia, and raised between Windsor and Toronto, Elcee’s graciousness is not a symptom of too-nice carebear T.O rappers, nor a facade- it’s an admirable, innate characteristic.

Elcee has been recoding music for the past few years, but it wasn’t until the release of his #SoundCloudSundays series that a true, dedicated artist was born. And what makes an artist true? One that has the courage to be forthright about his experiences, and has the desire to inspire the same bravery in others. He mixes Hip-Hop with R&B, Rap, and beats ranging from dreamy to bass-thumping, all without needing to justify or label himself.

Articulate, well-spoken, and composed, Elcee is careful about what he says and how he says it. He understands the fine line between narcissism and confidence, and that no success comes without struggle.

I sat down with Elcee to discuss music, success, and personal growth, as well as his upcoming project, LeoSoul, produced by Bonham and set to drop July 23rd.

Read the interview after the jump.

[Interview + Podcast] Muneshine talks “In Transit,” life lessons, and not being afraid to be different

Interview by: Martin Bauman

The last time we caught up with Muneshine, he was at a crossroads: musically, better than ever after collaborating with D-Sisive on Jonestown 3, and yet personally, fed up with the lack of support and infrastructure in Canada. His and D-Sisive’s exasperation represented how a lot of Canadian hip-hop artists felt, and at the time, it seemed entirely possible that both were done with hip-hop. As a fan, it was heartbreaking to watch. An era had ended before it had even been given its due.

A lot can change in the course of two years, and fittingly, that’s the theme through which we re-encounter Muneshine on his latest album, In Transit: navigating his way into new musical lanes, seeking new challenges. Less involved in hip-hop and more inspired by dance music these days, In Transit shows as much as things may have changed, he still can’t seem to ditch the rapping bug yet. We caught up with Muneshine to talk about the album, life lessons, not being afraid to be different, and much more. Listen to the podcast above and read the interview after the jump.

[Interview + Podcast] Promise talks his upcoming album, pursuing goals, and coming up alongside Drake

Interview by: Martin Bauman

Toronto’s Promise is a rare breed. Not only is he one of the few Canadian hip-hop artists who can claim to make a living exclusively off of music — no small task — he’s also managed to do so while shedding the label of a prototypical “Christian rapper,” along with the baggage that comes with it. As Promise acknowledges, “it’s very hard to find music that has a good message that is also dope.”

One can often get a sense of an artist based on the company they keep, and a look at Promise’s list of frequent collaborators puts him in good surroundings: along with Drake — who he met when Drake had yet to even record a verse — he’s worked with the likes of Jhene Aiko, Shad, Slakah The Beatchild, LordQuest, and Dan-e-o (with whom he formed the group Perfeck Strangers).

It’s been awhile since the Toronto emcee released a full-length album — 2011′s Awakening was his last — but now he’s back and gearing up for his latest offering. We caught up with Promise to talk about his upcoming album, pursuing goals, coming up alongside Drake, and lots more. Read the interview after the jump and listen to the extended version of the podcast above.

[Interview] A Conversation with Jordan Ferguson, Author of 33 1/3′s Book on Dilla’s Donuts

J Dilla - Donuts

Interview by: Martin Bauman

I’m going to make a broad assumption and guess that if you’re reading this, you probably know who J Dilla is. For that reason, I’ll skip the introduction. For a better idea of Dilla’s magnitude, let’s just say this: there aren’t a lot of people walking around with t-shirts that say “Swizz Beatz changed my life.” For that level of respect, it takes a special kind of producer. Last year, word started spreading that Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 book series would be releasing a volume on Dilla’s iconic album, Donuts. As can be expected, questions from skeptical hip-hop heads followed: who the hell is Jordan Ferguson? What gives him the authority to tell Jay Dee’s story? Seeking to answer these questions, we caught up with the Canadian author to talk in-depth about the book, his upbringing in the shadow of Detroit, and of course, all things Dilla.

Read the interview after the jump.

[Interview] Vic Mensa talks “Innanetape,” believing in oneself, and what he wants his legacy to be

Vic Mensa Interview on The Come Up Show

Interview by: Martin Bauman

If you haven’t taken notice of the music that’s been coming out of Chicago lately, now’s the time to start paying attention. The Windy City is experiencing its biggest surge of hip-hop talent since the likes of Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, in no small part due to the SaveMoney camp and perhaps its most versatile member of all, Vic Mensa. With a sharp wit and an excellent ear for melody, the sky really is the limit for the 20-year-old from Hyde Park who put out one of our favourite free releases from 2013, Innanetape. The Come Up Show caught up with Vic Mensa to talk about Innanetape, believing in oneself, what he wants his legacy to be, and lots more.

Read the interview after the jump.

[Interview] King of the Dot talks about their SQUAD Tour, give some advice on setting up battles & give some insight on how they’ve grown as a team

KOTD Squad Tour: London April 4, 2014

Editors Note: There will be a video version and an audio podcast releasing in the next week of this interview. Subscribe to The Come Up Show TV on youtube and our podcast channel on soundcloud if you’re interested! Thanks.

Interview by: Colton Beausoleil

King of the Dot has been on the rise since it began back in the alleyways of Toronto six years ago. Founder Organik wanted to create a league that was a platform for battle rappers to build from as well as everyone involved in the culture. Since growing to be one of the worlds biggest battle leagues, King of the Dot has created a movement that is taking over the scene by storm. Putting on some of the biggest match-ups to ever go down, having a team that works to it’s limits to provide for Canadian hip-hop culture. Moving as a unit, there’s nothing they can’t set out and accomplish. With entry level league Prove Yoself, Gully TK’s Ground Zero league leading into where the top tier battlers go head to head, at King of the Dot. The movement has only just begun and the future is looking bright for King the Dot. We sat down with Organkik, Bishop Brigante and Gully TK to talk about the Squad Tour, how they set up battles and more!

Read the full interview after the jump!

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