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[Interview] SepTo talks consolidating his personal & rapper image into his new album “Almost NevR”

SepTO Almost NevR Artwork

Metaphorically, the album cover represents the death of a certain mentality, it’s the moment you stop caring and stop trying to present a very specific perspective. Almost NevR in a positive way means it’s we are almost manifested, we are almost tangible, but if you take the literal meaning, its this close to not existing, it’s hanging by a thread. It’s the conflict of, am I keep doing this? Is this rational? If you are listening to the album and you love it, keep in mind how close it is to never existing, that man in the cover hanging could have touched the world, and he is NevR going to give what he could have given you. SepTo

It was an honour to have a conversation with SepTo live on The Come Up Show. His album Almost NevR is out for free download and his celebration is this Friday August 29th at live at the Ballet. Our interview started off by talking about the value of connecting with people on a human to human connection. SepTo expanded on his strategy to promote the album in retrospect and why this was the first time he made Almost NevR album without thinking of the next project. I asked him about the meaning of songs  lyrics on Excursions, Dance Around my Brain, Last Night, Father and had him expand on his opinion pieces he wrote below.

An excerpt of SepTo’s article on Social Media and Real Shit
Today, with the help of social media, we have defined happiness and success in tangible items. You are only as accomplished as what you post. Your satisfaction with your life is determined by what you have allowed others to think of your life.

SepTo’s article on Your Health and Corporate profit
Approach the most available food with the most caution. The companies we are allowing the responsibility of providing us with our sustenance are not concerned with our health and are not here for any other mutual benefit than to have you willingly purchase their goods. My belly is full from McDonald’s and they obeyed the regulatory minimum amount of sawdust allowed in my burger. My can of CocaCola is exhilarating my taste buds and they have kept the amount of sugar within that can just short of an immediately lethal amount. Win/Win, right?

Watch this and so much more in our hour long conversation with SepTo and come out to the show this Friday and download the album Almost NevR. Let me know what you thought of the interview in the comment section below.

[Interview] King of the Dot talks about their SQUAD tour, how they’ve grown as a team, things they look for when setting up a battle and more!

kotd cover

Interview by: Colton Beausoleil
Video by: Edward James Rissling

King of the Dot has been on the rise since it began back in the alleyways of Toronto six years ago. Founder Organik wanted to create a league that was a platform for battle rappers to build from as well as everyone involved in the culture. Since growing to be one of the worlds biggest battle leagues, King of the Dot has created a movement that is taking over the scene by storm. Putting on some of the biggest match-ups to ever go down, having a team that works to it’s limits to provide for Canadian hip-hop culture. Moving as a unit, there’s nothing they can’t set out and accomplish. With entry level league Prove Yoself, Gully TK’s Ground Zero league leading into where the top tier battlers go head to head, at King of the Dot. The movement has only just begun and the future is looking bright for King of the Dot. We sat down with Organik, Bishop Brigante and Gully TK to talk about the Squad Tour, how they set up battles and more!

You can read the interview here. There is also a gallery of photo’s from that night. A special thanks goes to King of the Dot for taking the time to sit down with us, everyone who orchestrated the show and let us be a part of it.

[Interview] Omen talks early album influences, his family’s musical history, and avoiding foolish pride

J.Cole What Dreams May Come Tour 2014 @ London Music Hall

We had a great interview with Dreamville’s Omen recently, when he joined J. Cole on the Canadian leg of the What Dreams May Come Tour. We spoke for nearly half an hour about everything from Omen’s early album influences, to his family’s musical history, to avoiding foolish pride.

We talk about all of that and lots more (read the full writeup after the jump). Watch the interview below.

[Interview] Bas talks learning from J. Cole, making his dreams a reality, and why it’s his last winter

J.Cole What Dreams May Come Tour 2014 @ London Music Hall

We caught up with Dreamville’s Bas on the Canadian leg of J. Cole’s What Dreams May Come Tour. A lot of love was shown and we sat down for nearly half an hour to talk about his steadily-rising path to success, including what he’s learned from being on the road with J. Cole, how he’s been able to turn his dreams into a reality, and why it’s his last winter.

We talk about all of that and lots more (full writeup after the jump). Watch the interview below.

[Interview] Sha Prince talks Latex & Perfume, drawing the line on personal topics and more

I would like to start off by thanking those who tuned into our first live interview on The Come Up Show TV! The idea was inspired by a BBM conversation (Yes I said that) with Sha Prince who is releasing a brand new mixtape titled Latex & Perfume today on DJ Booth. The interview is conducted by yours truly, J.R. and I’m really excited for you to take it in as we covered a variety of topics.

It might take you a few days to realize what an amazing collection of music Sha Prince put together for Latex & Perfume, we’ve received an advance copy which you can read the full review track by track of what we thought. We first started off the interview with the title of the project which definitely makes you wonder what Latex & Perfume means!? Sha broke down how the title and the whole concept came together.

Read the full article breaking down the interview after the jump! Please comment as well your feedback is appreciated since it’s our first live video interview!

[Interview] Skratch Bastid talks Spring Up EP, favourite Toronto emcee, Producer Album and more

Last month we had the pleasure of having DJ Skratch Bastid spin a live set on The Come Up Show Radio. If you caught the show live then you remember how amazing the set was; if you missed out don’t worry we got you covered with a quick sample of his performance. After the set we had the opportunity to chop it up and I think it will be of interest to you especially if you are a Shad fan (WHO ISN’T?).  J.R. asked Skratch how long it took to record his collaborative EP with Shad, The Spring Up, if you had to guess I bet you wouldn’t say TWO DAYS. Thats how quickly they put the majority of the project together. Skratch also expanded on the recording process and told us if the extra joints that didn’t make the EP will ever be released or not.

Now I know I told everyone that you wouldn’t be able to hear ANY of Skratch’s set recorded and that you had to listen to the radio show live. Skratch granted us special permission and I’m happy to treat you with an unreleased verse on Shad’s “Stylin” from Chip Fu of the Fu-Schnickens (shh!!! for your ears only). Since we were playing Rich Kidd instrumentals the latter part of the interview I asked Skratch who his favourite emcees from Toronto are which you have to watch to find out!

We had to know what Skratch is up to next before we let him go. He told us he is interested in creating a Skratch Bastid Producer Album along the lines of Mark Ronson, where he has a whole bunch of musical styles and artists that he can showcase. If you’ve had the pleasure to see a live show by Skratch Bastid then you know he loves to play all types of music and that Hip-Hop is his first passion that led him to explore of all types of music. I hope you enjoy our interview with DJ Skratch Bastid on The Come Up Show check it out in full on The Come Up Show TV and make sure to subscribe!

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