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[Video] Locksmith- “Lessons” (Dir. Jesse Ray Diamond)

is back with a new video from his “Lofty Goals” album, this time he visualizes his track “Lessons” featuring Braden Blair. Lock is quite reflective on this track, treating his past as lessons for the future, an inspiring way for anyone to live.

The visual starts off with Lock on his own in some scenic situations, allowing him to reflect on life, in every way imaginable. I personally am a big fan of the imagery used in the visual directed by Jesse Ray Diamond, not only does the scenic background showcase Lock’s outlook on his life and current career, but the long roads that can be seen in the background represent the seemingly endless path that Lock has had to take to get to where he is (and where he’s headed). The visuals also directly relate to the lyrics, with Braden Blair singing: “So long, so long, how do I stay so long? No matter what it takes hold on, no matter what it takes go on”, some truly inspiring words.

Lock is truly at the top of his game with “Lofty Goals”, and the visuals are no different. It is quite apparent that Lock is the type of artist that can really go far in Hip-Hop, and the world. It’s more than just being able to spit a dope bar (which he surely can), its more than just lyrical content (which Lock is not lacking), its the mindset, the focus, the consistency, a positive outlook, the ability to learn, the passion, and the work ethic. Lock’s going to be huge one day, and we’ll be by his side every step of the way.

[Video] Locksmith- “Funk Volume DFUOB7 Promo”


Hit the picture to check out what Locksmith has done for us.

Funk Volume, the record label consisting of HopsinDizzy WrightSwizZzJarren Benton, and DJ Hoppa have just hit the green light on their “Don’t Funk Up Our Beats 7” contest, where artists can purchase a beat, and lay down a 2 minute or less track to be voted on, and judged. First place wins $2500, a feature on, and the opening slot on 2-4 dates on the upcoming “Funk Volume 2015 Tour”.

Locksmith has jumped in on this for promotional reasons, thus this is not an entry in the contest. However, this doesn’t take anything away from the pure talent that Lock is laying down on this beat. Not many artists can successfully keep the listeners attention without any form of a hook or a chorus, espeically with the lyrical content and confidence that Lock is known for. (See “10KONDRMS” for more on this).

Voting has already begun for Funk Volume’s “Don’t Funk Up Our Beats 7″, and runs until August 9th 2015. Lock is a talented emcee to say the least, but would he have gotten your vote? If you want to check out some of the entries, or even submit one yourself, take a trip over to Funk Volume’s Facebook Page, or their official FAQ page, and start cookin’.

[Video] Kaydee- “Mission Statement” (Dir. Steffi Tupe)


A couple months ago we premiered Kaydee‘s new single “Mission Statement“, and now the Mississauga favorite hits us back with the visual for the track, directed by Steffi Tupe. Featuring production by Sammir, the duo successfully merge some meaningful lyrics, serene production, and a catchy hook to create something really next level.

Relating to his infatuation with the movie “Menace II Society”, Kaydee’s mother would often call him “The Golden Child”, which is when it struck him that it would become his mission to live up to that moniker. Kwesi Williams’ musical influences stem from a wide variety of Hip-Hop that his older brother would play around him at a young age, though the influence would not become apparent until his later years.

As far as the visuals go, with direction from Steffi Tupe, cinematography from Mark Baluk, and production assistance from Michael Sookrah, Kaydee brought together a wealth of talented individuals to make this visual happen. The video begins with Kaydee riding through the city with some of his homies, with some simple transitions in regards to his outfits, and modes of transportation.

“Mission Statement” exhibits Kaydee taking a step away from his traditional sound over boom bap beats, and ventures toward flowing naturally over an eerie production. Courtesy of Sammir, the track begins with some impressive production, with a prominent beat overlaying the digital sounds that work cohesively to create a hip-hop production that practically begs to be slayed by some lyrics. Enter Kaydee and his confident bars that complete the track by bringing the flow and content that grabs the listener, compliments the production, and wraps up the whole package.

If you need a little more Kaydee in your life, check out his full length late-2014 release “The Transition“. What do you think about the man Kwesi Williams? Let us know in the comments section.

[Video] SepTo- “Miracle Man” (Prod. Junia-T)

After a short hiatus, SepTo, the Toronto based artist is back with the visual for his newest track “Miracle Man“, produced by Junia-T, a Toronto staple. SepTo aims to tell the listener a story on this one with his smooth vocals, over some impressive production from 1/2 of Toronto’s own “Chef’s Plate“.

SepTo (the To is for Toronto), prefers not to be labeled a rapper. This is largely because of the fact that although he does rap, he also does much more. Sep’s been known to write and post poems, articles, and even full essays, he is much more than simply a rapper, he is an artist.

The visual for “Miracle Man”, which was shot and edited by Northern Hussle, holds large amounts of religious imagery and clips that coincide with the story that Sep is telling his listeners. Sep’s storytelling ability shines bright on this track, while Junia-T’s catchy production only exemplifies the package.

If you want to learn more about SepTo, check out his interview with The Come Up Show, and don’t forget to check out his highly acclaimed album “Almost NevR” on iTunes, or at

[Video] Vince Staples- “Norf Norf” (Prod. Clams Casino)

Vince Staples
, the Long Beach, California emcee that’s gearing up to be one of new school Hip-Hop’s hottest artists just dropped the visual for his gritty single “Norf Norf” from his newly released album “Summertime ’06“. Produced by Clams Casino, “Norf Norf” has Vince reminiscing about his adolescent years, and his early days of gang banging in this dark track.

Staples has worked with many well known rappers, such as Mac Miller, Common, Schoolboy Q, and Earl Sweatshirt. In fact, Mac also produced every track on Vince’s collaborative mixtape “Stolen Youth” under the alias of Larry Fisherman. Staples also received the honor of being a member of XXL’s 2015 freshman class, among Fetty Wap, Goldlink, and Raury.

As far as the video goes, the visuals have Vince in various situations with the police, including being in the back of a police cruiser, getting interrogated, and getting his mugshot taken. The entire video is placed in black and white which helps to reflect the imagery that Vince aims to demonstrate with his lyrical content. Vince does a great job telling his story while laying the bars down, additionally, his hook consisting of the lyrics ” I ain’t never ran from nothing but the police” is simple, but oh so powerful. The production, courtesy of Clams Casino holds some dark undertones that fit Vince’s lyrical content like a glove.

Vince just released his debut album “Summertime ’06” and has been enjoying positive reception ever since. Acting as a follow up to his 2014 EP “Hell Can Wait“, the album features artists such as Jhené Aiko, Joey Fatts, Kilo Kish, and A$ton Matthews, among others. Familiarize yourself with Vince, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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