[Album] Oddisee – “The Good Fight”


Created with passion, vigor, and an altruistic approach, Oddisee delivers an eclectic new album The Good Fight. In a music genre that has become so accessible, disposable, and formulaic, the Mello Music Group MC evokes the listener to consider the artistry and message being expressed. A self proclaimed minimalist, musically Oddisee is reassuring his potential is reaching it’s maximum. With everything produced and performed independently, the album is able to use various influences of Jazz, Soul, Gospel, and Funk to be well integrated as if it was one continuous jam session. Though of course there are elements of hip hop trends and foundations, Oddisee puts his own interpretation on the genre to elevate the sound. The combination of live instrumentation, sampling, and layers of overdubs provide warm, appealing, and head nodding songs relatable to a broad range of music fans.

With the irresistible temptations that come along with new found fortunate and fame, it becomes increasingly easier for an artist to lose sight of their original vision and give in to the mainstream . His observations of the lack of dedication and loyalty to stay true to the cause, has Oddisee inspired to prove success can be achieved otherwise. His philosophical outlook as an artist has him involuntarily conveying the message of truly defending what you believe in, no matter the outcome. The personality traits of honesty, honour, and character reflects Oddisee’s maturity not only in the music but  who he is as a person, which seems to provide a rare role model in todays industry.

Garnering underground success with a steady cult following, Oddisee continues to progress in the right direction and proves his philosophies are applicable even with the odds against you.

Some of my favourite tracks: That’s Love, First Choice, What They’ll Say, Counter Clockwise

Have your own favourite tracks? Feel free to comment in the section below.

[Video] Bonus cut: Tona and Adam @ The Juno Awards 2015

Tona and Adam Bomb Juno Awards

Imagine you just won a very unexpected Juno award and it’s Saturday night, what is your first choice of drink?

If you missed our original behind the scenes coverage of the Juno Awards I’d suggest you take it in. You will appreciate the bonus cuts that I’ll be releasing in the coming week. The first video is from my interview with Tona and Adam Bomb they take us to the exact moment when their names were announced as the winners of the Rap Recording of the Year. They share if winning the Juno Awards does anything for their motivation and Tona explains what his favourite drink Tiger Blood consists of and yes, what their choice of drink would be.

[Event] Tona Carpe Diem Album Release Party @ Revival

Tona Carpe Diem Album release party

I’m real excited for the Tona album release party Carpe Diem tomorrow at Revival. Tona has already has a magnificent year considering he won the Juno’s Rap Recording of the Year earlier this year make sure to watch the full video coverage we got featuring SonReal, Tre Mission, and much more. Tona is backed by the epic band The Juice Money Collective, it’s hosted by Trixx so you know it’s going to be HILARIOUS and we got Channel 9, Romeo, and Sweet Touch Foundation for only $10 at the door or $15 with a CD. Come out as this will be another legendary night.

What: District Entertainment presents The Carpe Diem Release Party featuring Tona and backed by The Juice Money Collective. Hosted by Comedian Trixx. On the wheels of steel are DJs Channel 9, Romeo and Sweet Touch Foundation.
Where: The Revival @ 783 College Street.
When: Thursday, April 30 Doors open at 9 p.m.
Admission: RSVP via Facebook. Cover is only $10 but $15 will get you inside with a hard copy of the album.

[Mixtape] Humble Soles- “Blipsto (The Non-Profit Mixtape)”


Humble Soles resides in Atlanta, Ga and is an original DSGB from Thomasville, GA. Being a man of many different hats, Humble Soles considers himself a multimedia artist; expressing himself through photography, poetry, writing and of course, music. His latest project, Blipsto, is a 13 track mixtape with a vibe that anyone can get down to: Hipsters, Stoners, Old School Players, Gangstas, Black Power Followers, College Dropouts, Music Lovers, Trappers, your hip Grandma, and those kids with rich parents that want to be down with the cause. Be sure to check out Blipsto, and show some love to your boy Humble Soles.

[Video] Crossword- “Breathe” (Dir: Daniel Gates)


Toronto rapper Crossword is back with a music video only 2 weeks after dropping his debut album XW. As the second song off of his debut to boast a music video, you can bet that Crossword is going to bring the heat, and with Daniel Gates as the director, the video for “Breathe” is sure to take you on a 3 minute adventure.

Carrying a very dark undertone and underlying subject matter, “Breathe” focuses on the political side of life, looking at many hot button topics in our current society. Crossword tackles the issues that he see’s when looking at items such as police brutality, repercussions for murder, ongoing battles within countries, and even brings it right home with the cases of murdered and/or missing aboriginal women in Cross’s home country of Canada.

Check out the video below, and hit the jump for some more details on Crossword’s new video.

Stream/Buy Crossword- “Breathe” Here

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