[Video] SeT – “Concepteur Etoiles” (Dir. Kostadin Kolev)


“Concepteur Etoiles is essentially my tunnel vision perspective on life. I have never allowed any obstacles to obstruct the path to my dreams, no matter the size or significance. I am still here. I am still going. No matter how dark, I always manage to find the light. AuRA.” ~`

SeT just released a new video for his single, Concepteur Etoiles, which appeared on his debut LP, AuRA. The record is produced by fellow SmashMouth artist Tay Lewis and the visuals were directed by Kostadin Kolev. “Concepteur Etolies” finds SeT spitting some fierce, audio distorted bars on the block over a lucid instrumental that has just the right amount of knock. Pulled from a project full of bangers, SeT selected one of our favorite cuts for his latest presentation. AuRA was released June 2014 to great reception, and this latest release marks the end of the AuRA campaign. SeT is currently recording a collaborative EP with his younger brother, Tray. Be sure to check out this last installment from the AuRA era, and be on the look out for new music coming soon!

[Audio] Drake- “Trophies” (Brasstracks Cover)


The art of live instrumentation is one seen not too often in today’s hip-hop, though the artists that take advantage of it deserve all the respect in the world. Enter Brasstracks, a production duo straight out of Brooklyn, New York who have been taking their signature sound to the next level. Consisting of two members: Ivan Jackson, who handles the production and unbelievable trumpet skills, and Conor Rayne who tackles the drums, and produces as well. Taking a swing at Drake‘s hit “Trophies“, Brasstracks attempts to capture the hearts of listeners by transforming the tune into a very impressive live rendition of the production.

As far as the track goes, it just screams victory. This is the type of tune I’d like to hear if (when) I become president of the United States. The introduction to the track begins with a little bit of piano, before placing focus on the trumpet, which will serve as the basis of the cover. Before long, the bass drops, and the powerful drums make their mark, while the trumpet takes center stage. Once the track drops, the energy is undeniable. The listener can easily take in the level of talent and skill it requires to make a cover such as this, a feat that only a handful of musicians can actually claim as their own. Brasstracks ensures not to limit themselves in terms of instruments in the cover, as it sounds like an entire orchestra of musicians came together to make this masterpiece.

Brasstracks has been releasing tunes sporadically throughout the last little while, with one of their big releases being “Four Five Seconds” with the multi-talented artist known as Lido. There’s just something about live instrumentation that speaks to me. I love digital production as much as the next guy, but instrumentation such as what Brasstracks has thrown down with this one is simply next level. My level of respect for these musicians is through the roof. How do you feel about live instrumentation? Let us know in the comments section.

[Review] Oddisee w/ DTMD & The Boogeyman May 12 @ The Rivoli

Oddisee @ The Rivoli. May 12 2015.

It was 9:00pm on Tuesday May 12th when fans began to enter The Rivoli. Lights strung from the ceiling added to a festive ambience of the venue. As fans strolled in, they gathered at the bar to buy drinks while waiting for the headliner of the night, DC via Brooklyn rapper, Oddisee. Blaring from the speakers were old school hip-hop hits, courtesy of DJ Ty Harper, also known as The Boogeyman to set the tone for the night. Hearing the set, fans prepared for what they were going to receive; a night of timeless and thought provoking hip-hop.

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[Audio] tshawntrusst- “I’m That N*gga” (Prod. Chris McClenney & Rvdical The Kid)


Say hello to tshawntrusst, the newest rapper out of Toldeo, Ohio and his chill release “I’m That N*gga” produced by Chris McClenney & Rvdical The Kid. Tshawn, Fool’s Gold Records newest signee aims for a relaxing feel on this one while bringing some heartfelt content to the forefront. Fool’s Gold records has a plethora of artists attached to their label such as: A-Trak, Anna Lunoe, Tchami, in addition to Kid Cudi, & Danny Brown, for the hip-hop heads.

“I’m That N*gga” starts off with a focus on the impressive production courtesy of Chris McClenney of Soulection, and Rvdical The Kid of Flow-Fi. The production itself starts off with some unique sounds in aims to peak the listener’s interest, before dropping into a more prominent affair allowing tshawn to jump right in. Shortly after the intro, listeners will be delighted to hear tshawntrusst’s R&B-inspired flow over the neck-snapping, futuristic beat. Tshawn’s smooth vocals enable him to create a catchy hook that tie’s the whole track together on top of his melodic lyrics. The lyrics themselves also strive to tackle the content in a different way than the mainstream, delivering a great deal of respect to the recipient, as opposed to the common treatment of women in hip-hop.

Tshawntrusst has been on a steady stream of releases lately and is getting more well-known through every track. He handles his smooth vocals in a way that not many can, and carries his sound with great confidence, something you can feel the second he spits. Chris McClenney has also been hard at work with his Soulection crew, after just releasing a remix for GoldLink‘s “Sober Thoughts” just under a month ago. Rvdical The Kid has ben in the studio after releasing his debut EP entitled “Carte Blanche” this past month. What do you think of the three artists involved? Is tshawntrusst someone you’d like to hear more from? We sure would, Let us know in the comments.

[Audio] Leather Corduroys Ft. Vic Mensa – “Have U Eva” [Prod: Ikaz Boi And Myth Syzer]


With the growing success of Chance the Rapper and the SAVEMONEY crew, Chicago has transitioned from popularizing Drill music to a more eclectic Soul, Jazz, teklife, and original trap sound. Now leading the way is newly Roc Nation artist Vic Mensa and he’s bringing other crew members and affiliates to the center stage. Two members in particular that have taken the step further is the duo Leather Corduroys.

Comprised of members Joey Purp and Kami, the Chicago emcees follow up their debut mixtape Seasons with a heavy trap production “Have U Eva”. Produced by Ikaz Boi and Myth Syzer, the dark effected piano and bass driven instrumental creates a sinister platform for the Chicago artists to make their presence felt. Rapping about drug addiction and near death experiences, the ominous concept continues in the lyrics, a different sound and theme from Leather Corduroys past material but perhaps a new direction for future content. Possibly one of the most dynamic and talked about hip hop crews in the genre, SAVEMONEY continues to impress and looks to be just getting started.

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