[Audio] With You.- “Ghost” (Ft. Vince Staples) (Prod. With You.)

With You.
, & Vince Staples combine two worlds. Successfully merging With You.’s addictive electronic sound with Vince’s raw and gritty lyrics, “Ghost” is a track that you won’t want to sleep on. Allow the electrifying production to hypnotize you while Vince lays the bars down.

With You. is an outlet that the artist’s involved utilize to share musical and visual ideas with the world. They aim to combine influences from different times, scenes, and genres to create something new, fresh, and unheard. With You. consists of 5 members, Dave Switch Taylor (one of the founding members of Major Lazer), Rick Trainor, Jeff Penalva, Noah Schy, and Daouda Leonard. The Long Beach, California emcee Vince Staples has been making waves lately as an artist to watch out for. Vince was also just named once of XXL’s 2015 Freshman Class alongside Goldlink, Fetty Wap, Raury, and Tink,  If you’re feeling the lyrics in “Ghost”, check out one of Vince’s newest releases “Norf Norf“, from his newest album “Summertime 06′“.

“Ghost” starts off with some addictive electronic beats that get you wondering how exactly Vince is going to tackle this. Before long, a confident Vince jumps in with his raw lyrics that sit on the production perfectly. The track likes to alternate the focus from the production to the lyrics quite often, and does it in such a harmonious way that it’s easy to forget these worlds of music are far from alike.

This track is a perfect representation of With You.’s mission, to combine influences from different times, scenes, and genres, to create something previously unheard. The combining of worlds is very apparent here, which is one of the reasons the seemingly perfect match up of sound may surprise the listener at the beginning, but by the end turns into something familiar, yet not at all.

[Audio] Eric Dingus – “Ice 1″


It is always good to be open minded and discover new sounds and genres in music. With his unorthodox and unique style Houston, Texas native and OVO affiliate Eric Dingus, makes his debut on The Come Up Show blog. Known for his production on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and executive producing Jimmy Johnson’s mixtapes, Eric Dingus is building quite an impressive resume. His abstract arrangements, sounds, and erratic interest in different hip hop sub genres makes him one of the most compelling producers in the industry.

A good example is his most recent instrumental “Ice 1″ which includes heavy influences of Trap, EDM, drum and bass, Industrial, and West Coast Hip Hop. This combination of sounds has allowed Eric to create his own recognizable production. The success of his constant experimentation, has given him an edge over average producers and a cult fan base that anticipates his next moves.

Not exactly sure what the enigmatic producer has next for us but for now get amped with “Ice 1″

[Audio] Sango – “Don’t Love You Like I Do” [Sango Right Hand Remix]


Since Beat Culture has grown into a prominent movement in North America, there have been a handful of producers that have really separated themselves from the pack. One in particular, is Seattle born Sango. Having made a name for himself with an array of eclectic instrumental mixtapes, Sango has worked his way to an undisclosed OVO contract. With Drake backing him, Sango has capitalized on their exclusive catalogue to create incredible remixes and edits.

Most recent, is a remix of an unreleased Drake track called “Right Hand”. Sango takes the already heavy sinister song and brings it to another level. Slowing down the pitch, emphasizing the synthesizer, adding sub bass, and bright high hats, Sango uses his signature sounds and techniques to give the month old track a fresh look.

Giving overplayed music a second life could be the reason why beat culture has risen from the underground. Accomplishing a good remix is rare skill that means a lot to avid music listeners and adds another invaluable attribute to the people behind the scenes that don’t get the recognition they deserve.

[News] Sean Price passed away this morning

Sean Price Interview on The Come Up Show

I can’t believe the news that Sean Price has passed away this morning, he was only 43 years old. According to reports from his family and friends, he died this morning in his sleep at his home in Brooklyn, NY. We don’t know cause of death at this time. I had the pleasure to interview in 2011 and again in 2013 for TCUS 6 Year Anniversary. He was an amazing personality, emcee and his contributions of our culture with Heltah Skeltah and Boot Camp Clik will forever be remembered. I’d like to send my sincerest condolences to Duck Down and his family. I’d like you to comment on this post and tell me what Sean Price music meant to you.


[Audio] John River – “BLVD” [Prod. FrancisGotHeat]


On Auguest 1st, 2015 it was announced that Mississauga rapper Redway had tragically died in a car accident. The details state:

“Suddenly and tragically, on the morning of August 1st, Mississauga artist Shane Redway was killed in a car accident. He was travelling with two other passengers on the northbound ramp of Highway 427 when the car lost control. The two passengers in the car were also killed in the crash.”

Upon hearing the news, the Toronto and GTA music scene was torn with disbelief, especially fellow Mississauga rapper John River who quickly headed to the studio to produce a heartfelt tribute. A genuine cathartic expression of his grief, John also speaks on the behalf of everyone involved in shaping Redway’s up and coming career and kindly recognizes them name by name.

A GoFundMe has been set-up to cover the costs of Shane’s memorial and so far over $13,000 has been raised. You can donate to the fund by clicking the link below.


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