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[Audio] MellowHype – “Rico” ft. Frank Ocean

There are a whole whack of crime-related variations on the buzzword "Rico," most of which stem from  the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act that was passed back in the 70's to help the Po clamp down on organized crime through repeat offense tracking. MellowHype's "Rico," from their new album BLACKENDWHITE, is a tight little sub-bass driven track that endorses whole bunch of ways of "gettin' it" (drugs, theft, etc) including playing the snitch: "Niggas can't get a job so we self employed/If the coppas' come a' knock'n we gon' help that boy." Besides all this cleverly worded anything-goes talk, the best part of the track is the pulsating sub-driven beat and the gloriously addicting chorus melody. But be warned:  you'll be singing "Wolf Gang get me off, get me off" in no time. [audio:|titles=12 Rico Featuring Frank Ocean] Download: MellowHype - "Rico" ft. Frank Ocean

[Audio] MellowHype – “Chordaroy” ft. Earl Sweatshirt and Wolf Haley

While everyone else was out trick-or-treating, OFWGKTA released a new MellowHype (Leftbrain and Hodgy beats) album on their tumblr yesterday, where you can visit to download the entire album for free by clicking on the hyperlinked title. It is called BLACKENEDWHITE. Check out "Chordaroy" (ft. currently boot-camped Earl Sweatshirt and Wolf Haley) below, which features some trippy synth and bass oriented beats and flat-out lyricism. If you dig, download it. [audio:|titles=11 Chordaroy Featuring Earl Sweatshirt And Wolf Haley] Download: MellowHype - "Chordaroy" ft. Earl Swearshirt and Wolf Haley
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[Video x News] Odd Future x Funny or Die: Odd Future Gets Signed

This video from Funny or Die should soothe all your pretentions about what will happen to Odd Future once they get their ink on. Just announced, MellowHype (Left Brain and Hodgy Beats)'s BLACKENDWHITE is now being re-released through Fat Possum Records (previously available through the Odd Future tumblr), and as you all know, Tyler, The Creator's forthcoming Goblin will be coming through on XL Recordings. Fuck you vase!

[Video] Odd Future and The Roots Perform “Sandwitches” on Jimmy Fallon

Andrew from Potholes pointed out this morning that the posts with the most hits over there today are "Tyler The Creator," "Earl Sweatshirt" "MellowHype" "Frank Ocean" and "Domo Genesis," proof that everybody is finally catching onto the Odd Future phenomenon. The final nail holding down the coffin lid was a TV appearance, and Jimmy Fallon was the braver of the lot-- or maybe the one with the highest bid-- that got to host a little chunk of history in the making. The Roots played along with Tyler and Hodgy Beats for a sludged out "Sandwitches" (which is now available on iTunes), Mos Def shows up at the end yelling #SWAG! #SWAG! #SWAG! into the camera (recall Mos showed up to the very first Odd Future performance in NYC in a suave leopard hat though left half way through after muttering something about how they're yelling into the mics too much), and after swarming around the set like a locust Tyler jumps up onto Jimmy from behind and piggy backs him till the credits roll in.

We knew this day was coming: "E'rybody hollerin' n' screamin out WOLF GANG!" Click below to watch the performance. (And PS: scan that code with your iphone QR reader or Blackberry).

[Staff Lists] The Come Up Show’s Favorite Mixtapes/Free Releases of 2010 Mixtapes aren't exactly what they used to be. Since the internet cracked the new-music bulwark and instigated flood-like access to new artists and their music, the chance for new artists to come up and make your way up against literally thousands upon thousands of trying rappers and producers has never been so possible nor competitive. The goal of a mixtape has always been to get your music heard-- it is first and foremost a promotional tool. Yet in the internet era's great race for music blogger attention, the mixtape bar has been risen (almost) to the point where it is no longer enough to catch a listener's attention by rapping over some well known beats alone. The most successful and interesting mixtapes of 2010 were made up of entirely original production, like Wiz Khalifa's Kush & OJ and Big K.R.I.T.'s K.R.I.T. Wuz Here for instance, which are both virtually albums. The only difference lies in the words we call them by. Mixtapes are also, of course, compilation "tapes". Although there were several outstanding compilation mixtapes this year (including Statik Selektah & Termanology (1982)'s The Diamond Collection), we have not included them in our list since there was so much great new music to choose from. Perhaps the better term for original material mixtapes is the "Free Album" or "Free Release", to define this promotional entity that has picked up considerably in the wake of the internet's competitive climate. We Present: THE COME UP SHOW'S FAVORITE MIXTAPES/FREE RELEASES OF 2010!