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[Audio] Yours Truly, T.Y. ft. Rich Kidd- “Do It” (Prod. Chef Byer)

T.Y. Yours Truly, T.Y., an artist hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, teams up with a Toronto staple Rich Kidd on their new track "Do It". Produced by longtime collaborator Chef Byer, the tune brings much to the table in terms of musical elements, and acts as a head snapping track complete with a melodic aspect. As T.Y.'s final single before his newest EP "The Beautiful Exchange" dropping on July 14th, you can bet this is a track you'll want to hear. T.Y. impressed us not too long ago with his single "1991", and now graces us with another release. Teaming up with Chef Byer, the talented music producer and audio engineer helped the overall feel of the track, as the two display strong musical chemistry, working together on numerous tracks such as: "1991", "Hometown Hero", & "Hands are Tied". Chef Byer has also worked with artists such as: Ryan Leslie, SonReal, Kardinal Offishall, & Maino, among others. Rich Kidd has been relatively quiet lately, though landing a Juno winning artist on your track is a big feat in itself. The track starts off with a strong synth which acts to intrigue the listener, while the piano chords, and a powerful hook are put into place. Before long T.Y. jumps in with his melodic take on the track, combined with his confident lyrics that hold a motivational feel for listeners of all types. Shortly after, we are hit with the catchy chorus courtesy of T.Y., which also serves as the introduction to Rich Kidd's verse who demonstrates his gritty street feel, which sounds great over a production such as this. The production itself is also quite impressive, brought to us by Chef Byer, the production involves a bassline that keeps the listener's head bopping, while it works in conjunction with the previously mentioned piano chords, and power synth.

“This song means a lot to me because it expresses why I do what I do" “There's a lot of people on my team. If I fail, we're all fucked." - T.Y. to Complex

After hearing T.Y.'s latest offering, personally I am really excited to hear "The Beautiful Exchange" on July 14th, and can't wait to check out what he's cooking up for his fans. What do you think of the track? Do you want to hear anymore Chef Byer, or Rich Kidd collaborations on the EP? Let us know in the comments section.

[Video] Maestro ft. Rich Kidd – “Born In Toronto” (Dir: Andre Rehal)

born in toronto Remember when this joint dropped last year? "Born In Toronto". A monumental moment. The pioneer of Canadian hip-hop and one of this generations favorites link up to talk about their city. Toronto. There's a certain feeling you get when you enter the city, being from London I know that feeling well. The diversity, the aura the city gives off, the skyline; you can't go one day in Toronto without seeing something new and innovative. I once talked with a homie from the city about it, and he said "when New York hit their hundredth year, that's when they really starting shaping what it was as a city. Toronto is on it's hundredth year, imagine how much we can change an inspire moving forward. The city is filled with life and everyday people are pushing their potential to it's limits. I can't wait to see where the city is in another twenty years". So true. Going back and forth, Maestro and Rich Kidd let you know about Toronto. All eyes are on Toronto musically and both of them said it best, "in the 80's outsiders used to sleep on Toronto, now they all want heat from Toronto/ now they all want beats from Toronto, but they can't get em' cheap from Toronto".