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[Audio] Richie Blackz x Casper The Ghost – “Small Town” [Prod. Mazur]

Small Town I be on that "Small Town Sh*t". Richie Blackz and Casper The Ghost, two close friends of The Come Up Show team up over a banging Mazur production, for a track that anyone from a small town can relate too. As two promising emcees, alone they dominate. Together, it's a whole new subject. Not much need be said for this one, although there is a video on the way very soon! With Richie working on a project, Casper working on a project - only time will tell what comes next. For now, take in "Small Town" and get in tune with the talent London, Ontario has to offer.

[Review] The Consignment Show Presents: “Smashmouth Mentality Showcase” ft Flex The Antihero, Richie Blackz, Dillanponders, Jimmy B, SeT, Haviah Mighty, Jay Downz, EGAA, The Bass6, and DJ DoubleDown

Smashmouth Mentality Showcase ft Richie Blackz, Haviah Mighty, Jay Downz, EGAA, The Bass6, and DJ DoubleDown There have been a lot of successful hip hop events held at the APK through the past several months, and The Consignment Show presentation, Smashmouth Mentality Showcase proved to one of livest nights yet. Artist's from Toronto, Waterloo and London came together to show case their talents and show love to other up and coming artists. Hip hop fans who were at the APK Saturday night had the chance to witness some of the best talent Canada has to offer, with a  bill consisting  of Flex the Antihero, Richie Blackz, Dillanponders, Jimmy B, SeT, Haviah Mighty, Jay Downz, EGAA, The Bass6, and DJ DoubleDown. Check out the full review and photos after the jump!

[Audio] Jimmy B ft. AJ Cooper & Richie Blackz – “Doggy Style”

Doggystyle On Saturday during The Come Up Show radio, we premiered a big tune from the homie Jimmy B featuring AJ Cooper and London's own Richie Blackz. They linked up in support of the SmashMouth Mentality show in London this Saturday, put together by the homie Tyler from The Consignment Show. Which includes everyone from SmashMouth Entertainment like The Antiheroes, Jimmy B, DillanPonders, SeT, The Bass6, as well as Richie Blackz, Jay Downz, Haviah Mighty, EGAA and DJ DoubleDown will be on the 1's and 2's all night! If you've ever been to a club when he's spinning, you know what to expect already. "Doggy Style", is a west-coast influenced track, bringing some warm vibes as it snows yet again today. This is one collaboration I didn't expect to see, so it was a surprise when it came together and what came out of it, a summer banger. Jimmy B, AJ Cooper and Richie Blackz all go in on their verses. I'm hoping they jump on stage together and do this track on Saturday live. Come out to The APK this weekend if you want to see the same thing. It won't be nothing less than epic. To help make up your mind, check out Jimmy B's new single featuring AJ Cooper and Richie Blackz, "Doggy Style". It ain't no fun if the homie's can't get none!

[Video] Richie Blackz – “Trophies Freestyle” (Dir: Jon Lines)

Richie The Home town Hero Richie Blackz just dropped a fresh verse over Drakes latest single, "Trophies". After hearing Richie rock the opening performance for the GZA show at Hideaway Records back in November, I've been waiting for a single like this to bump to. Richie takes over the "Trophies" instrumental bringing a fresh sound to Drizzy's hit. "This is the flow that make the local rappers start to scheme/Realize that its pointless... and end up wanting a verse from me". Watch out for Richie Blackz in 2014, the man will be collecting MVP trophies with out a doubt. Make sure you take this video in, and let us know your thoughts.

[Video] Richie Blackz- “Passion” Live Performance (Dir: Lucien Cyr)

I had the pleasure to see Richie Blackz open for the GZA this past Wednesday at Hideaway Records & Bar. He intelligently planned his set incorporating Hip-Hop classics that were appropriate for the GZA fans which I feel artists should always keep in mind when performing. The icing on the cake was when Richie rapped about topics that only Londoners can connect to which brought a smile and sense that he is one of us! Here is one of the cuts from the mixtape Le Renaissance that Richie Blackz performed. Make sure to check out our live video and picture updates from the concert on our Instagram profile. Let us know what you think of Richie's performance and the GZA show overall in the comment section below.